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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by mbwest, Feb 20, 2006.

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  1. Hi.

    I’m currently at Uni, studying a degree that isn’t the most relevant (Psychology and War) and I’m wondering about how important it is to have a degree.
    Basically my thinking for going to uni was…
    1. I would have something to fall back if and when I left the Army.
    2. Obviously I would be learning what is on my course!
    3. Quicker promotion and higher pay when I join up.
    4. To enjoy the whole uni experience.

    At the moment the courses are OK! But I’m really not enjoying this testing day in and day out. At the moment I am definitely going to stick with it till the end of the year and see what my grades look like but I’d like to know everyone’s opinion on this matter. Will I regret it if I don’t finish my course? Does it make that much of a difference in the Army having the degree or can I catch up with sheer hard work? Also, if and when I do leave the Army, is having a degree going to make that much of a difference to job prospects?
    I’d also have the option of doing an in service degree!?
  2. If you're not enjoying the testing "day in and day out", then how the hell do you think you will get on at Sandhurst, or even more importantly when, hopefully, you get commissioned, and you are in command of troops???!!!

    Get a degree under your belt, and then think about joining the Army. You will find it quite hard to explain to RCB/Regt Acceptance Boards why you binned your course at University - doesn't exactly show commitment, does it?!
  3. This must be a wah. We get this post every bloody week. :roll:
  4. I think you're right NAP6W, well I hope so anyway, if not it doesn't say much for undergraduates today if they can't master the search button on this site!
  5. What worries me is that if they can't manage something simple like that, how the fcuk will they manage RCB or the CC??? 8O
  6. QFTW
  7. The type of individual who can't see their course through at university probably will have problems seeing anything through. It puts a large black mark against them and will cause all future employeers to question the motivation of said individual. If you have picked a course which is really dull - change to something that interests you. However I'm sure the Army wouldn't like to think of itself as a safety net for those who can't be bothered to turn up to 5hrs of lectures a week.
  8. Agreed, but compared to some of the posts in recent times, at least Mbwest is (reasonably) literate!


    Finish your degree course....! An in-service degree is possible but given that you would be in the position of having started and binned a degree course, the man holding the purse strings might not be well disposed towards your application!

    You've started, so finish! It demonstrates determination and commitment, which might be characteristics that are terribly unfashionable in your world, but we are keen on them! If academe is that much of a pain, join the OTC or a TA unit in your spare time.

  9. If you're still in your first year, you may have the option of changing to a degree that you have more enthusiasm for, maybe straight War! using the credits you've already gained. If you're further in, make sure you're only on a 3 year course, and start planning now for what you'll do with the qualification.

    Any degree gives you a lot more freedom in all your job applications for the next 45 years, and it can be much harder to study later in life.
  10. For the love of God don't sack uni. Change to a different degree if you really cant stand your course but stick with it. Its only three years. Try drinking more and hanging out the back of some student totty if that makes it more bearable. You have plenty of time to be in the Army.

    Having a degree in something to do with war isn't a prerequisite to joining up. Why don't you do something completely different to show you are a more rounded person.
  11. There is a lot of advice telling the boy to stick it out - sensible, but it`s not the end of the world if you crash and burn at uni.

    The Army will always need an extra infantry officer to take a bullet for Good Queen Bess, all the while paying them less and promoting them later.

    Oh the cost of ignorance!
  12. I'm currently at a pretty respectable University (top 20), my course requires ABB. I am not thinking about dropping out of university, but unfortunately for me the course I decided on was wrong for me, I decided to stick it out unfortunately. I am battling through my second year, and am unsure on weather I will acheive a good mark at the end of my 3rd year. I suspect a 2:2 and above would be respected, but if I got a 3rd, or just a "pass" would this be an issue? -I know they might just think it was a commitment issue, but I mean the minimum requirement for office entry is 140 UCAS point. Point being, would they care at all?
  13. Are you putting your full effort in? I think thats the question, not what grade your going to get.
  14. No they wouldn't. I went through RMAS with a chap who got a 'Pass' in Tourism Management, FFS!

    I bet that's coming in handy on the streets of Basra right now... ;)
  15. Weather rather than whether might be more of a problem...

    As for "a third or just a pass" - well that would only put you in the top 20% of the population. Just how bad is that?

    My eldest son had the same problem (though his university was in the top five), but got stuck in and worked hard, even throughout his holidays. He got a good degree in the end, and so can you.

    Simple solution: Hard work.

    PS Good luck!