Universities - China or UK?

Just finished watching "Newsnight": Boris Johnson on education in Chinese universities (and Brit uni's in China, Brit uni's in UK).

Toward the end Mr. Johnson quotes an Australian professor, possibly of Chinese origin (this was unclear) promoting the Universities in China (as opposed to Chinese families sending their children to UK to attend Uni's), by asking the question

</p> "Do you want your child to go to a country where they may be shot on the (London) Underground railway (the Tube) because they look foreign?"

</p> Is the New Labour machine that inept, or do they have a hidden agenda?
I thought you had to be clever to be a professor? Surely he could have put a more reasoned argument across than that.

Perhaps he's a professor of Sociology or some other balls.
Sadly Death, when you reach uni, you will actually be very dissapointed at some of the people who are there. I think this is prob. true of all universities.
Having a Chinese student living with us for the past few months as one of the family and currently (tonight) looking at different uni's and course options for them over here in the UK.
The mindset of the Chinese is that their purpose on the planet is mostly to earn lots of money to give to the parents. Job satisfaction or personal fulfillment seem to be regarded as completely irrelevant.
It seems that in China, what degree one takes decides the career that is then followed- so choosing the right degree is imperative.
It seems that all Chinese people want their children to take Business degrees and that bowing to parental pressure is a given.
Having taken on the parent role to a large degree we find ourselves being asked to help identify and select the right University course for our houseguest.
In China, our visitor was left living in an apartment completely alone between the ages of 9yrs old and 15 yrs old with a monthly visit from someone dropping off some money for food.
School days were seven days a week for 14 hour days of sitting up, silently, listening.
There is an innocence, a naivety, a purity and ...yes a gullibility that means if there is advertising giving a choice between a safe Chinese uni and the prospect of a uni in a land where innocent foreigners get shot (ok ok it's just the one this month and not fatally) the advertising, within a nation controlled primarily by fear and authority, is understandably effective. We may be better at it, and more subtle with it, but we in the West are hardly innocent when it comes to advertising (or spin) are we!
Am at open uni at the moment and level 2.

Some are utter c u n t s

Christ, had a better conversation as a cub scout leader!!!!!!!!
... as opposed to China where you can be accused of tax evasion and shot in the back of the head.

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