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Universal free school meals


You silly sock.

This is a public forum - and why aren't you using your usual profile?
I'm a new member of this site, not a sock: I'm not going to stress every sinew trying to prove it: one can believe it or not.
Of course it is.
What a sad life these people lead.
They even get a special mention in Arrsepedia:

Sick cnuts
cnuts with disorders from toxic social media, but also political-junkie retards, are increasingly using ARRSE as their dystopian playground. Science suggests that the Internet Troll is merely a noxious and sadistic psychopath, suffering from multiple disorders. In short they are not funny, they are mentally unwell. Don't feed the mongs; on the evidence and in most cases: their inability to check themselves is due to the psychosis.
ARRSE's *********
The site's long-term and singularly unpopular, nasty Trolls include*:
  • Graculus (Brexit troll)
  • Brotherton Lad (Brexit troll)
  • Baglock (SPOTY, Leftwing extremist and Brexit troll. Also known as Shittinginabag)
  • B_Squared a.k.a. Far_King_L (butthurt socialist minoritarian)
  • There are several other stupid cnuts scribbling in various threads
NB*: Some trolls are paid to post and argue on social media, while others do it for kicks.
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Window cleaners are still working.....Mine came around this morning, now if this mythical window cleaner is having to rely on state support to make ends meet, I'd suggest that either they are fiddling the taxman by not declaring their full takings, or that their round is unprofitable and they should seek gainful employment.

And once again, if they are in receipt of state benefits, they receive their full benefit entitlement from the state (taxpayer) and there is no justification for increasing their benefits package via the backdoor.
Specsavers are still open.


I'm a new member of this site, not a sock: I'm not going to stress every sinew trying to prove it: one can believe it or not.

Or, third option, one can just not give a toss and scroll past your posts.


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Those tats don't pay for themselves, either.
It doesn't have to be cash either, looking at some of the inked dregs around my way, I'd say other means of payment were used that didn't involve currency of any kind.

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