Universal Credit: fit for purpose?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by GrumpyWasTooCheerful, Oct 18, 2017.

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  1. What an utter fantasist you are
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  2. Assuming that none of your folks took out during their life.

    Ie pension, child benefits, NHS.

    Besides that, however, no 11 doesn't put money aside like that.

    If you are not contributing but you are in receipt of hand outs then all the workers of the day are supporting you.

    Believe it or not your 'my parents paid for me' excuse was tried on Jeremy Kyle by some fat, unemployed bird.
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  3. Double use of the accommodation.

    If the pm had to find their own accommodation we'd still pay for downing street.

    And probably more for the protection of a random house in UK.

    Besides the actual living area of number 10 isn't palatial.

    Similar to the beefeaters and their pads inside the Tower.
  4. Going by his logic, I should be due a decent handout from HMG since my mother died of cancer before she could collect her state pension...
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  5. As I said, not necessarily good....
    The intention ( and operation in some cases) proved a lot better for the "poor" of the parish than the alternative.
    Judged by today's standards totally unacceptable, but 150+ plus years ago they provided a much needed relief for people.
    (Incidentally, I believe the Southwell establishment was still open to residents as late as the 1960s (?) Not in its original form though, more B&B accommodation).
  6. Can I be the only person in the country who thinks the Community Charge was a good idea? If somewhat badly initiated and managed.
    What is wrong with people paying their share for services?
    From each according to their ability.....etc. a good socialist principle after all?
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  7. Yeah what have the Romans done for us?

    "Don't forget the roads" :)
  8. No, you're not, and I remember the arguments it caused with my father as he declared that "the rich bastards who lived in the rich part of town" should be paying more.

    He suddenly went quiet when it was pointed out that his plan would have his own sister, who lived alone in a reasonably nice house she bought and paid for herself, paying more than a family of 4 with three cars who obviously consumed more resources such as water and produced more waste than she did (that was us, by the way).

    He was one who was a true red moonhowler, which is why I ain't one, mainly because from a fairly early age I was able to think for myself.
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  9. I thought exemptions have been granted for exactly this reason?
  10. Depends on the "illness", doesn't it. Having a cold doesn't count but needing space for a dialysis machine, as one example, does.

    Note: Not saying anything about taff's "illness" as I don't know what is wrong with him, I'm merely pointing out how an "illness" may not be grounds to have benefits chopped due to having an unused room.
  11. We don't know how much of these G&F pads cost though: the costs are buried, hidden -- deliberately so, in my opinion. Meh
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  12. They have but don't fit my particular circumstances as far as I can tell. might look into it again.
  13. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Is your Doc no help in this kind of thing? Mine’s a local legend. People going in to get DLA forms signed, she suggests exercise or a chain and padlock on the fridge.
    But if you’ve got a case and a genuine need she’s quite happy to write or phone someone.
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