Unity call for dissidents to take on British

Unity call for dissidents to take on British
Monday 28, January 2008 - 07:48

By David Young

A leading dissident republican has called on splinter terror groups to unite to enable them to intensify their campaign of violence against British forces.

Londonderry hard-liner Gary Donnelly, a key figure within dissident circles, said the Real IRA and Continuity IRA should join forces.

The groups have co-operated in the past, most notoriously in the 1998 Omagh bomb attack, but have never formed an official alliance.

The Real IRA claimed responsibility for shooting and injuring two off-duty PSNI officers in separate attacks late last year.

Donnelly, who is from the Creggan area, is a senior member of the 32 County Sovereignty Committee, the group regarded as the political wing of the Real IRA.

“I would love to see republicanism united,” he told the Sunday Times.

“It would be more logical to have one group which would be more effective than two.”

The republican said the RIRA was rearming and actively recruiting new members.

His claims follow a foiled alleged attempt by the terror group to purchase arms and explosives in Lithuania last week.

Louth man Michael Campbell (36), the brother of former RIRA leader Liam Campbell, was arrested after a sting operation by the country’s secret service.

Donnelly, who denies being a leading member of the RIRA, said the group was attracting many disgruntled republicans.

“More and more people are returning to republicanism because of what (Gerry) Adams and (Martin) McGuinness have done,” he said.“ And these support the (Real) IRA.”

He added: “History has taught us that there always will be an IRA. Its evolution may ebb and flow but it will always be there as long as the border between north and south exists.”


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