Discussion in 'RLC' started by mfobox69, Jun 21, 2009.

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  1. should i be worried about going to my unit i got told you get smashed around and betten up is this true :(
  2. journo threat level, just went up.
  3. What red top do you work for? :roll:

    You will get bum raped by your new platoon, remember to push back. :roll:
  4. im a chef
  5. I'd be more worried about your suitablility for military service if you think you will get anything but grief for posting such a spurious comment.

    If it's actually true and it happens when you arrive report it immediately to the Chain of Command and keep going up if you are ignored.
  6. thanks
  7. This is only true if you burn everyone's dinner.
  8. Dead man walking!!!

    Poor wah TBH.
  9. If you're still in Moy Tp at Worthy Down get your Tp staff to spk to the RCWO or Master Chef at the unit where you're posted to get the actual story rather than rumours. If already in a unit ask if the MC or RCWO will spk to your new unit.
  10. Dear mfobox69,

    try not to worry too much about getting "smashed around" and "betten up". You should be quite safe as long as you give your dinner money to your Tp SSgt on time. It's not normal for SSgt's to smash around the new lads on their first deffered payment. This normally results in a chinese burn. However, things do tend to esculate quite rapidly there after. I have known one lad who went straight from chinese burns to having chewing gum put in his hair. This isn't normal practice and the SSgt involved was given a severe dead leg by the RSM for this small indescretion. You can normally get away without paying for about a week (if you can take the chinese burns that is). If I can give you one piece of advice, it is to make sure that you shine the SSM's boots when your told, because his 'scale of awards' are a little more severe. He can give out chinese burns, but this is regarded as inneffectual (and unbecoming) at SSM rank. He/ she normally gets one of the screws to arrange a wedgie if you mess up. If you continue to mess up, he can and does have the power to arrange a 'tea-bagging', which is usually delivered by the Sqn Ginger.

    Work hard and knuckle down and you too could be dishing out wedgies, dead legs etc in no time at all.

    Kind Regards


    PS Try not to turn up for PT without your PT kit cos the QMSI will either make you do it in your pants or you'll have to 'dance' with the girls.

    PPS ........COCK!
  11. Quality!!!!! :D
  12. Thought you were taught that on your class 3 chef course anyway!
  13. You will get a "slap" if you start rapping people over the knuckles with a laddle and saying 1 sausage only you cnut
  14. I'd tell you to stop being a girl, but that would be an insult to the squadettes that are in your unit, you feckin moron!

    My "Wahometer" is going fuckin crazy in this thread!