Units training in the Beacons with M4A1 carbines

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Polemarch, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    First of all, if this shouldn't be posted here please can you delete the topic or move it and let me know. No quite sure of the protocol.

    I've just been for a long hike in the Beacons and as you often do, bumped into a unit up there for training, looked like endurance training. The weird thing though was the age and the kit. They were between 20-35 years old I would say, all with dmp2000, full packs, webbing, M4A1 rifles and jogging. The route I take is normally a 5-6 hour hard hike, they were definitely doing longer and were jogging.

    Any idea who they might be? They had no markings of any kind.

    Once again, please delete, remove or amend if this is the wrong place to post.
  2. Shhhhsh!

    It was....

  3. M4's are not that unusual mate..
  4. Sounds like Airsoft Troop 49 Para.
  5. The tall one is called Bob, the one with the bong eye is called Terry, the one with the really short hair is boldy locks Brian. The really ugly one with a 'tash is called Kate. I hope this helps.
  6. You can tell they are not airsofters from the amount of jogging up and down hills with their kit. :)
  7. Polemarch was that you; the bloke with the red anorak on and the woolley hat with the bobble?

    Sorry mate, not allowed to say!
    I'll wave next time, now that I know who you are.
  8. ..............you missed out 'Legs'.
  9. Always wish Them "Good Morning, Good Afternoon, what ever" They are always unfailingly polite and if you really fancy your chances ask Them which one is the Arabic speaker :)
  10. Nah Legs is biffed. He's got a laminated chit after a particularly mean skiffing.

    T C
  11. Couldn't have been the moustacheiod bandits, they don't jog they run. Jogging is for girls.
  12. I've given up on all that stuff now that I'm a bird.... :wink:
  13. :) A group of four of us, the one with a red jacket and bobble hat was a girl though! ;-) Whoever you were I wish you well.

    Good luck
  14. Ah - so you DID set up home with The Fijian, then?

  15. Which one?