Units that send recruits but no DS - what to do?

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But a few units have been sending recruits to the RTC I pester but to the best of my knowledge, have never sent any DS to accompany them for the weekend.

In one instance, 18 months ago a Training Major said that his particular unit would send RMQ blokes to help out but this has not happened as far as I can tell.

RTCs are packed out; we regularly see 200 recruits per weekend and the demands on DS are major. No dramas there, we get paid to train and generally do so to the best of our ability.

Would it be fair to tell such units that if they don't send DS, the RTC will not accept their recruits?

I really do find it hard to believe that any unit cannot spare one JNCO, one weekend a month - no matter how busy they are.

Lets play nice this time, eh?
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Excuse me if I seem ignorant, but shouldn`t such things better be addressed up the chain of command & not on arrse? Like anything is going to change by posting it on here?........


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Before this descends into a slug-fest, as it invariably will, there are some points of interest regarding the way different units approach and deal with recruit training that I have noticed. I would be interested to hear views on from others.

My previous unit had a steady flow of keen and eager walk-ins but due the lack of any structure to process and train these bods, many would fall away and/or drift to other units. A real pity as they they were much needed in a unit which was suffered from a serious manning problem at that time.

In contrast, my present unit has a dedicated Permanent Staff SNCO to deal with recruiting and recruit processing and a TA SNCO dedicated to recruit training who attends all RTWs and Phase 1 camps. In the event that he cannot make a weekend, the SPSI as matter of priority, will reassign one of us (and it has been me a few times) from that weekend's unit training in order to take his place.

It's the whole culture that places an emphasis on recruit training and almost elevates it to the status of being our very life-blood (which I suppose it is) as opposed to the casual approach which suggest that the recruits are really just an annoyance, which is marked. Ultimately you get you pay for and the investment in recruit training does yield a steady flow of new Rfn. Look at the way that 4 PARA send a bod down to 4 Div RTC even though they never send their Joes there! It's the whole attitude of putting recruit training at the heart of things that raises everyone's game ultimately.

More in line with answering your question I'm becoming a believer in the TA Infantry copying our Regular cousins and having our own dedicated RTC. That might help you out with numbers as the amount of Inf DS will be enough to handle the Infantry recruits.
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