Units sat in idle while others are stretched!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CPLBBT, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Ok heres one for you all. With all the current talk of so many units doing back to back tours. Why is there a some units sat around in barracks who have not been on tour for at least 4 years? Could these units help relieve the strain or not?

    let the comments begin!
  2. Drop some names.
  3. It's a bit different to say NI days when eg the RA did the infantry role. The RA and other arms are needed in their primary roles in theatre. Or are you talking about certain Infantry Regiments?
  4. Have you been sitting watching them for 4 years 8O

    You need to get out more.
  5. Which paper do you work for?
  6. New York Times, most likely.. :lol:

    Question has quite...err.."septic" feel in it.
  7. What is it about Friday evenings on here?
  8. Care in the community nurses have done their rounds and won't be supervising the patients again till Monday. The dribblers medication is either wearing off by now, or kicking in quite well.
  9. I've heard that none of the ATR's have deployed recently... does that help?
  10. "I've heard that none of the ATR's have deployed recently... does that help?"

    I'm outraged at this - wheres the outrage bus when you need it?
  11. I'm outraged that the outrage bus isnt there when you need it!
  12. Wait



    Here come two outrage buses all at once!
  13. You should name names and they can be hung for cowardice!
    err...do we still have hanging or is that too good for them?
  14. Yes hmmm, surely ATRA could field a brigade or two
  15. Rush for the box of white feathers I say!!!

    I cannot believe it. I demand the war dodging ACF deploy on ops immediately, the same as everyone else.

    If these cowardly 12 and 13 year olds refuse to go, I say its the white feather for the lot of them, damn their bright blue little eyes and bum-fluff chins!!!!

    My outrage has raged to new level!