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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by mcvicar, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. I have just found a job in Hampshire and am looking for a unit to transfer to. I will be living in between Portsmouth and Southampton but would be willing to travel up to an hour(ish) to a new unit.

    My background is on the Yeomanry side and, at present, I am a S/Sgt but with aspirations (or ideas above my station in the Yeomanry :wink: ) for a commission. I have little or no knowledge of units in the area so any advice/sales pitches would be well received.

    Background is mainly on the Signals (Clansmen), Mounted Recce, CR2 and Recruit Training side of life. I would be interested in trying a different style of unit maybe, not really sure as this is probably one of the few times in my TA career I can look at a unit without just being pushed towards the nearest one!!

    In the old days I would have looked at the TA website for units but this seems to be distant dream these days, does anyone know if that is likely to change?
  2. B Sqn, Royal Wessex Yeomanry in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Under an hour from Scumhampton. Nearer home for you is 457 Battery RA(V), try this link -


    I think there are RLC TA Port sqn types and other odds and sods also at Millbrook.
  3. 21 not far from basingstoke.
  4. In Southampton:
    457 (Hampshire Carabiniers Yeomanry) Bty RA(V) - Cloud Punchers
    elm 135 Sqn RE(V) - Topographic stuff
    elm 266 Port Support Sqn RLC(V) - Load boats at Marchwood
    elm 63 SAS Sigs Sqn

    In Portsmouth (all in Hilsea, on the north of the island)
    D (DoC) Coy, 3 PWRR
    elm 243 Fd Hostipal
    128 Workshop, REME
  5. I served in the Yeomanry, as an Tpr / O/Cdt, and was then gently shunted out to become an officer in the infantry. If you want to be an officer, DEFINITELY go to the PWRR, rather than B Sqn RWY.
  6. Give 63 (SAS) signals a look. Certainly a different style and plenty of opportunities.
  7. 29 (Land Support) Eng Bde RE
  8. Will - you should know better :x It is HQ 29 (Land Support) Engineer Group Headquarters & Signals Troop. PS - I won't tell the PSI :twisted:
  9. Hehehehe....i know, just couldnt be arsed to type the lot out ....that and if i put signals on here nobody would wanna come over...lol
  10. There's a platoon of C Coy 6 Rifles across the border in Poole, straight down the A31. The Pl Comd is currently on beat up for Afghan, and he'd be looking to promote on return. Worth a thought?
  11. Cheers for that, I can work out most of the units but can anyone give me a clue or personal experience about 135 Sqn snd 266 Sqn as I cannot quite visualise what they do for day to day training!
  12. Sadly enough you may actually sell me on the signals side. :D What sort of roles do you have in the unit? By all means PM if OPSEC is an issue, and many thanks to those that have already done so.
  13. Thanks for that but I get the feeling that I would come across the same problems as angular, unless you feel or can tell me differently?
    I have all the quals to transfer as a Yeomanry SNCO but as I said originally I have a insane desire to be called 'sir' outside of the classroom! :twisted: :twisted: :D
  14. Beyond the usual soldiering that all units do

    135 Sqn makes maps
    266 Sqn loads boats

    edited to add

    missed the bit about day to day training

    135 has only just set up not sure of the actual size, I don't believe they are a full sqn. more det size.

    266 does a lot with the boats at the w/e not sure about a drill night activity
  15. HQ 29 (Land Support) Website...Hope this helps