units in SW midlands

Moving to the stourbridge area and looking for any inoformation on unit's, I know there are the following;
B coy 4th Mercians (kidderminster)
Sigs (stourbridge)
Rmon RE (oldbury)
RMLY (Dudley)
Does any body have any experience with them and have i missed any ?
Spent the first two years of my career with the RMLY in Dudley (both when it was B & then A Sqn). Good bunch of lads. Come from quite a wide area in the West Midlands (or at least used to).

The blokes were pretty much salt of the earth and were a great laugh. The officers being Cav stereotypes did take some getting used to but they always looked out for the lads.

Pretty cool role as well now. Not as Gucci as the old days (Light Role Recce) but Challenger 2 individual replacements still scores fairly high in my eyes.

AFAIK they've been used in role on various Telics as well.

Go along and see them you won't regret it.

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