Units Disbanding

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Biffta112, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone know if the Army, or individual Battalions are actually intending to tell us what will happen to us if ours disbands? Or is it a case that they are happy with everyone getting their information from the news?
  2. Just speculation at the moment, I'm afraid. The announcement did say that five infantry battalions and two cavalry regiments would be disbanded, although which ones precisely is an issue to still be resolved.
  3. Mint. So glad I've got to move to Cyprus just to worry about my Battalion being cut
  4. How quickly would they disband/amalgamate a battalion, any ideas?
  5. Well the 'via the news' method worked well when the TA needed to be told not to bother turning up on Drill Night.

    Maybe the RSM will line you all up on the square and shout 'every man in a Bn step forward'... 'where are you gong you 'orrible lot'.
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  6. With the lads that have gone so far, are they expected to carry on normal work until they leave? I can see a lot of bad influence on the guys not leaving and the answer, what are you going to do, make me redundant? All of the time
  7. I heard this morning that the Duke of Wellington's (now 3 Yorks I believe) is to go. Met an ex Duke this morning when walking the dog and he got a call from another member earlier today with the news. Haven't seen anything official yet though.
  8. I'm assuming those that some of those who want to soldier on will be given the chance to re-trade or to back fill into other Regiments/Battalions with a similar role. If you do leave, you are entitled to keep your personal weapon, QRs Chapter 3.14 Annex C refers.
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  9. This is devastating. What are they doing to our armed forces?

    They will squeeze money out of any corner they can to get ahead in the polls. It's disgusting.
  10. If a Bn goes, it wont be made redundant, job lot... Some may be made redundant, but most will go to other Bns and/or Regiments.

    Figure the WO2s will be heavily hit, Colour Sgts next, and by the time you get to the Toms it will only be the long in the tooth/short in potential going. Depending upon your Regimental manning.

    The blokes not chopped will be dispersed to other Bns.
  11. Well to be frank the government have three choices:
    1) Keep spending per Labour and international creditors lose confidence and we become a Spain/Greece/Italy and no one has a job;
    2) Cut all salaries say 10-15% across all forces and further pare back procurement;
    3) Cut some battalions, squadrons and ships while maintaining procurement of ever more capable weaponry.

    If you want to see how amalgamations worked look at the Options for Change outcome in the rags at the time or talk to some old timers (or simply: Soldier, Soldier, Series 2).
  12. Steady and back to your other thread. Wern't you being given career advice by those nice people in the Naafi!
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  13. Can't see that happening as 3 are Warrior, 1 and 2 are light role.
  14. When the glorious Queen Regiment was destroyed sorry Amalgamated we were paraded on the square in Cyprus and told by the CO mind you my recollection of that day is dim mostly drowning our selfs in Keo.
  15. Aviator, my first reaction upon reading your post was 'who asked you?' In fairness, that was uncharitable of me but I do honestly think that if you want career advice about becoming an officer in the RAF then the NAAFI is the wrong forum for you. You'd be much better off going on to PPRuNe because most of he guys who haunt the Military Aircrew forum there are either serving or ex-RAF aircrew. Just a thought...