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Well, this is my very first post though I've been checking this site for a while now..I commence studies in southampton this september and I'm looking for a good TA unit to join while I'm there.

If it helps, I'm 19 years of age,male, and have intentions of joining the regulars as an MO after my studies. I must say that I dont quite fancy doing anything medically related as yet(wouldn't mind being a unit CMT though!), I fancy doing something entirely different. cheers.

PS. I noticed that 3 PWRR is in Portsmouth..Ive only been to hampshire once, and that was for my med school interview.Any idea how far portsmouth is from southampton?? thanks again
Go onto the army website, army jobs, contact us, and then you can type the postcode in and it will give you TA units information around the area.
If you drive it takes about 1/2 hour depending on traffic to get between Southampton and portsmouth, as far as i know there are 2 main TA units in southampton which are RLC and RA, there is also the SUOTC which might be an idea as your starting uni. Really does depend what you want to get involved in...
Four units next to each other in Millbrook, Southampton:

Royal Artillery - Air defense battery
Royal Military Police
Royal Signals
RLC - Port & Maritime squadron

I do the journey to the RLC squadron from Portsmouth and, as another poster has pointed out, it takes about 1/2 hour.

If your hoping to become an MO, it is safe to presume you will be studying medicine!

A lot of my friends at Southampton study medicine, and obviously it is a long and demanding course, starting well before and ending well after any other courses...

I would recommend SUOTC as it is totally different. Having been a member it could be said I am biased, but the one good reason I would give is that training is built around university life and more importantly term and exam times!!
Thanks everyone for your quick replies. And 'blonde_guy', I will indeed be studying medicine.

With regards to the OTC, the information I gather from here and elsewhere is that it's meant to be a sort of 'drinking club' for aspiring officers! Also the OTC doesn't really fit in with my future aspirations.

Perhaps I should make my intentions clearer.With all due respect, this is by no means undermining any units' capability. My ultimate ambition is to join the RN and serve with commando forces as an MO. I'm therefore looking for an 'active' unit to improve my fitness in preparation for RMR selection. My understanding is that, should I gain a green lid in the RMR, I will not be required to attempt the AACC in the regulars.

So my question is, what unit in southampton or nearer cities/towns will you recommend considering my intended career path? thanks
Portsmouth Detachment
RMR London Portsmouth Detachment meets on Tuesday Evenings 1930hrs-2130hrs The Detachment is located on HMS Excellent, Whale Island.
The Marines in the Detachment have a broad range of skills and experience, and there is a fairly even split between civilian entries and ex-regular Royal Marines.

The focus of the Detachment is recruit training and maximising the pass-rate on the Commando Course. Portsmouth Detachment's trained ranks also fulfil a role as the RMR Raiding Troop which involves specialist training in Landing Craft.

The RMR on Whale Island sounds like it would meet your requirements

However i would take issue with your views of the OTC.

The OTC is excatly designed to cater for strudents wishing to look at all aspects of a military career whilst they are at university.

Certainly drinking and social activities form a part of life in an OTC but there are many people in SUOTC and other OTCs who are committed to a career in the armed forces.

SUOTC regularly enters teams in the Cambrian Patrol competition and if you want to do some serious infantry work that fits in around university term times etc them I do think you shold give them a serious look.

University OTCs have suffered from the same budget cuts as all other TA units in the last year and are increasingly having to be focussed on delivering reasonably serious military training. They also run a whole range of sports and adventure training activities and allow you to experience a whole range of military units.

As a medical student you will find your course at university pretty demanding of your time and fitting in the sort of commitment needed to do well in the RMR may well be tricky.

Why not visit both units during freshers week. Portsmouth RMR usualy run a recruting stand at Portsmouth Uni freshers fair, but if you call them I am sure they would be pelased to see you anyway.
I'd just back up what both Armyair and Blonde_guy said about the OTC. It is what you make it, it can be a drinking club, it can be a fun place to meet people with similar outlook on life, it can be a green machine or it can be all 3.

I was a member back in the late 90’s and people did everything from Cambrian patrol and some pretty heavy green stuff to turning up once a month for a piss-up…depended on your approach.

The main benefit of the OTC is that it will understand student needs, especially for the ‘serious’ courses like medicine. One option you may want to consider is that the OTC has in the past accepted people from other units who are at University, we had 2 RAF Regiment and an RMR member while I was there, which may be an option for you. It meant that during term time you could relax a little bit as required for Uni. and then step it up during the holidays.

Basically don’t write off the OTC and remember one thing… the reason for going to Uni. is to get a qualification, no point getting your ‘green lid’ and a load of military quals if you get kicked out of Uni. in year 2 because you are spending too long playing green.

IM sent, check your inbox
Thanks very much for your replies and my sincere apologies for the ignorance regarding the UOTC. I will certainly look into it further.
Joining the RMR now is simply not an option as I'm at this very moment not physically up for the challenge! TA seems to be an achievable goal and also a suitable means of improving my fitness.

Well, I will sit back and have a good think about my options because as 'SR' said earlier, there really is no point getting all the mil. qualifications If I fail to pass the med course. Thanks again.

Wellyhead: Thanks for the pm, I'll send a reply ASAP.
sotonbound - welcome to ARRSE - good luck with the studies.

Studying meds at Southampton - it's a very "target rich environment" if you know what I mean - are you sure you will be putting your spare time to best use?! :)

Good luck - RMR at HMS Excellent are a sound unit. Well worth a visit.
Thanks AB2006. Can you expland on the phrase 'target rich environment' please,I'm curious! The last time I heard that was in reference to members of the opposite sex!
I'll definitely pay the RMR a visit when I feel ready for the challenge.

sotonbound said:
Thanks AB2006. Can you expland on the phrase 'target rich environment' please,I'm curious! The last time I heard that was in reference to members of the opposite sex!
I'll definitely pay the RMR a visit when I feel ready for the challenge.

If I remember Soton well enough...and it was 8 years ago now...then there are nursing and physiotherapy departments, both of which are 'Target rich'.

if you want any pointers on places to go/avoid then don't ask me I always got it wrong, but i'm sure you will get to know the joys of the Hobbit, Clowns and Jesters, as well as KAOS (if it still exists).

Do you know which halls you are going to get? makes all the difference in your uni life..;)

Enjoy anyway, it's a great uni and supposedly a good Hospital, and remember you'll be there for more years than most people so you can afford to miss a year or so out on your extra-curricular stuff and still get in a huge amount.

Guess I'll have to keep an eye on both departments then! Nursing depts have always been 'target rich'..explains why medical schools receive that many applications!

I've heard of Jesters and Hobbits, both of which are apparently the main student hangouts but not Clowns or KAOS. All my accomodation choices are at Connaught,Swaythlings so I'm pretty sure I will end up there.
Try Cosham (just mile or so north of Portsmouth and right on the M275 leading to Southmapton) You'll find 243 Field Hospital RAMC. Exactly what you are looking for.

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