Uniting Church censures Vicar over conducting RSL service

When I read about this first time around (where a representative of the Uniting Church [think they fail the Trades Descrption Act on that one...] was denying the use of the flag ot push an anti-war agenda), I didn't think that it would be possible for the Church to sink any further. Wrong!

How are congregations responding to this? I assume that there might be a spot of ...er.... robust comment against the Church at the moment?
Is this church suggesting that you cannot be a proud Australian and a Christian as well??

And they wonder why church membership is dropping off
You do get some funny old things from the church - our last vicar managed to alienate the boys of 21 Air Support, who no longer attend our Remembrance service...he banged on and on about the evils of war and particularly of brutal and licentious soldiery then alleged that the dead of the First World War were sacrificed for the yankee dollar!

What a lovely chap he was otherwise though...used to have a Harvest Festival service in the pub and we would all sing good hymns, not modern crap, before celebrating the wheat, oat and hop harvests particularly. He also held a carol service in the same joint...

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