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United States pulling out of Pech valley

U.S. Pulling Back in Afghan Valley It Called Vital to War

KABUL, Afghanistan — After years of fighting for control of a prominent valley in the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan, the United States military has begun to pull back most of its forces from ground it once insisted was central to the campaign against the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Apparently the valley "consumed resources disproportionate with its importance; those forces could be deployed in other areas; and there are not enough troops to win decisively in the Pech Valley in any case."

Clauswitz must be turning in his grave.
It's classic policy. If you can't score, pick up the goalposts and take them with you.
Good news for Johnny Taliban then.

[E2A: "At least 103 American soldiers have died in or near the valley’s maze of steep gullies and soaring peaks, according to a count by The New York Times, and many times more have been wounded, often severely."...]

Poor sods... All for naught.


Kit Reviewer
Poor sods... All for naught.

Agreed. A defeat for our allies is a defeat for us, my thoughts are with the US soldiers lost there. The Americans could always use it as a drop of point for any spare ordinance.

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