United States Of Whatever (British remix)

Does anybody remember a really good p155 take of the Liam Lych song United States of Whatever which was played in Kosovo in winter 2002? Was taking about the tour with one of my mates and we were laughing our arrses off when we remembered this song. I think the best bis were "at the end of the tour my Captain gave me my medal and said well done son and I was like thanks, but whatever!!" and "somebody tried to tell the Brits about the two can rule rule and we were like WHATEVER!!!"
Has anybody got a copy of this song, I've emailed BFBS and no joy from them.
It was mint, if you manage to get hold of it let me know

i remember a glaswegian version from a while back. think it was a buckfast warrior thing. if i can find the link i'll try and post it. not sure if its the one you're after though


War Hero
I made it!

let me know if you cant get one

I was in K at the same time hence song

were you at the news years eve party?