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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Sep 29, 2005.

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  1. Not sure if this is the correct board , but hey ho,
    any moderator feel the need please move if you want too.

    It's been building up for a while ,however, here goes.
    Is Britain turning into the ultimate nanny state?
    Only today our beloved leader and his party of sycophants have banned 'junk food'from all schools.
    Told us we must have choice in health care provision
    and that Britain must be the world policeman.
    WHAT THE FACK are they up to?

    When this party connived it's way into power we had a few non-governmental organisations overseeing certain public services, since Tone and his mates got comfy the number of quangoes has increased to around 400.
    I don't recall anyone in govt okay'ing all these 'jobs for their mates' committees
  2. To be honest, I think it's a pretty good idea to give the bairns something a little more substantial and less artery clogging. Like it or not, stupid people who can't look after their kids properly are still churning out rug rats. At least this way, they are exposed to healthy food that they might like and it goes some of the way to make sure they don't look like Rick Waller by the time they sit their GCSEs. In the long run, it'll save the NHS billions.

    Personally, I think they should go a little further. Do what they do in SA schools and when the bell rings at the end of the day, get them into their PE kit, chuck 'em a rugby ball or a cricket bat and tell them to crack on This way we might not have to go 18 years without giving those convicts a good drubbing. It'll help keep the little sh1ts out of trouble and teach them social skills (unless your surname is Rooney) while their parents are working and it'll save the parents money. (E.g. PS 3/Xbox 2= £350. Fifa 2006=£40. Real football and two sweaters for goalposts= £10)

    Incidentally I got dragged to Disneyland by my visiting kid sister and pals on the weekend. We were absolutely gob-smacked by the number of Spams, many only in their 30s and 40s, who were trundling around on motorised spack-chariots because they were too fcuking fat to walk around a theme park for a day. Is that the way we want to go? Take a look at the filmSupersize Me, for an extreme, but still fcuking frightening, view of junk food. I haven't been in McDick's in a year. 8O
  3. Fair point on the food issue, but i still feel it's the thin end of the wedge(excuse the unintended pun)
    Tony and his chums are doing their utmost to tell us what we must do every waking second.
    They seem to think cos they thought of it it must be right cos , who in their right mind could object?
    Sorry , but why should i be told exactly when where and how i must do every little thing?
  4. I'm a self confessed leftie, but with rather pragmatist tendencies and generally I agree with you here. I'm all for government intervention where markets and private individuals fail to provide for the general good, but I don't like being told who I must be nice to and how high my conifer trees can be. (Not that I have conifers, but you get my point.) The odd thing is that for all his rhetoric, he really has made fcuk-all difference to many of the most vulnerable in society. It seems to be more to do with social engineering than actually trying to make a difference for people.
  5. 2 words -- parental responsibility

    Don't want your sprogs eating shyte then don't feed them shyte or give them money to buy shyte. If the schools serve shyte food then bag their lunch. The little feckers will eat what you send them with or starve...Darwin's rules will apply!

    The US is leaning to the nanny school system but since the schools are a local and not federal affair most reject these intrusions.
  6. But is it fair to allow the kid's life to turn into a cake and arrse party just because its parents are fcukwits? Is trying to break the cycle so bad? What about the kids (not sure if this happens in US states) are on free school meals? What about the ones whose parents are decent enough people but have to work long hours to make ends meet and can't supervise their kids properly? Surely, a good conservative such as yourself would prefer to see the their folks at work, paying taxes and contributing to the economy rather than mooching off state handouts. My point is that a little government assistance, applied properly, can be a good thing.
  7. Blurs Jobs for the BOYS, reminds me of that Guardian jobs Supplyment about ten pages of jobs for Councilors and Advisers all well paid and not one real job between them.
    The Nanny State Blurs way of making people dependant on Dear Leader and not on themselves.
  8. Last time I looked John (got back to blighty over the summer), it was about 20 pages.
  9. Yes there is a responsibilty to breeding, you stick it in and create life then you bare the burden. Otherwise you run the risk of big brother telling you when to do the deed or better yet just using a turkey baster.

    A little gov assistance turns in to alot of assitance which turns in to, for example FEMA, which is no assistance. Big Government can't solve small problems, and sure as hell can't solve big problems.

    Read the founding documents of the US and you wil see clearly that the responsibility lies with the individual. The government is a tool of the masses. The individual is endowed not the masses, the masses inheret the strength and ability from the individual. It starts with YOU.

    Get it?
  10. I get it Ctauch, now let's not have this descend into a bunfight right off the bat shall we?

    The point you appear to be missing is that, as much as people in the US like Tony Blair, he actually runs the UK. Most of us would be all too happy to come to some arrangement whereby we can hand him over though.

    There is a different political culture in the UK to the US. You chaps embraced Lockean notions of the social contract whereas, along with much of the rest of Europe, we considered the impact of Rousseau, Kant and others. Even 99% British Conservatives (big C, not little c) would admit that citizens and their government have a responsibility to one another beyond life, liberty and the right to estate, as envisioned by Locke and plagiarized by Jefferson. There is a greater emphasis upon equality of opportunity, which extends beyond most American notions. Despite the hype, the prospects for American youth is highly contingent upon the ability of their parents to provide for them.

    Take education for example. The system in many states, where education is funded largely through local property taxes, ensures that the schools in affluent neighbourhoods will receive more funding than those in poorer areas. Similarly, wealthy parents pay for private tuition and SAT prep classes, while the poorer kids have to get by on their wits alone. If you take two kids, with the same innate capabilities and aptitude, which would be more likely to succeed? Most in the UK would not see that as a 'level playing field', hence education is funded largely through central govt (with Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly sticking their oar in and generally making the mess bigger- but that's for another thread).

    Yes, it would be better for everyone concerned if stupid people stopped breeding. However, unless you wish to impose forced sterilization, the simple fact is that someone has to think up a way of preventing the kids that result from a congress of idle mongs from turning into their parents.
  11. There is a redistribution of wealth in this country (the US), thank you democrats, where a larger part of the proceeds from federal taxation go to less fortunate areas as appropriated by Congress. Property tax makes up a majority of the education expenses, but they are federally matched and in some cases in excess of what the commuinity contributes.

    Bottomline is you can't teach a child that doesn't want to learn; whether that is a physical, mental or sociological impediment. Parents are responsible...period.

    You breed your are responsible for the offspring. It was not concieved from a collective sperm and egg pool.

    BTW BLair is not liked he is honoured for his loyalty to the US...big diff (to use lingo you are accustomed to), reminds us of the Reagan Thatcher days ;-)
  12. And admired for being a leader with a command of the English language. It was fun to watch the bounce in the polls regarding support for the war in the US after he gave his speech to the joint session of Congress. :) It's a shame he's a lying cnut with a Napoleon complex, really.

    As for the Reagan/Thatcher days, you knew that would give me a cold sweat, you b@stard. :)

    Who would pay good money to read the collated posts from Brits on the 'Thank-you Tony' website?