United States of America - Asset or Liability?

United States of America - Asset or Liability?

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Simple Question.

Is the United States of America an Asset or Liability to British National Interest?
As our cousins say, 'it's a no-brainer'. Although we have our differences, the USA and UK share many common values and are among the few nations that are willing to expend blood and treasure to defend the interests of the West. It may be a love-hate relationship at times but is one that pays out when the chips are down. At the end of the day, who out of the likely candidates would you rather have as the dominant country in the world? And which one is singing from anything like the same hymn sheet as the UK? We may be Greece to their Rome but that is still far better than the alternative.
The question should be over the balance of time is the UK an asset or liability to the US. After all, we get a cuddle or bitch slapped by the POTUS at his whim, are rated as the best of the bad and are, as a client state, helots.

They spend most of the time pizzing up our back and I say fcuk 'em. I'm bored with being on their coat tales and answering to their foreign policy. If UK Gov gets it wrong on its own is one thing but UK citizens getting killed for the Yanks is another.
Asset, although I wish we would drop the term ‘special relationship’. It’s not a very helpful label for what are a complex set of relationships; it implies equality, which is simply untrue; and it carries an implication of exclusivity which is again untrue – as sovereign nations the UK and US both have ‘special relationships’ with many countries in different areas, international relations are polygamous not monogamous.



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We get nothing from our one - way 'special relationship', we are only with them because of fear of 'going it alone' and the realization that we cannot sustain any conflict overseas ever again, and we have no real cultural similarities with them any more (unless you count celebrity obsessions and obese/unintelligible chav scum underclasses) other than a technically similar language.

I hate to say it, but I think we are better off with the EU dictators. Not that I would Give those cnuts the time of day either.
Little of Column A, little of Column B.

Our biggest liability is our own inability to steer an independent course.
Coming up to the FEBA in WWI and WWII [eventually], makes me tick the asset box. When push come to shove I suspect EUROtrash will look after their own interests over any common good.
Having the US on our side is definitely an asset. It's hard to find a reasonable argument to the contrary.

I think it's more a question of whether our dependance on the US is an asset or a liability. The answer to that question is almost certainly that it's a liability.
DesktopCommando said:
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ghost_usofa - halfwit or simple regurgitation monkey?

on topic, USA is not as big a liability as Tony Blair was (who is respected in USA to the tune of £5,000,000 'speaking' tour).

USA did assist US in WWII. UK only finished repaying our war debt in 2006 (The payments of $83.25m (£42.5m) to the US and US$22.7m (£11.6m) to Canada were the last of 50 instalments since 1950).

There are all the trade benefits to consider...

And the level of security been allied to USA has brought UK...

Not to mention all the cultural benefits of our relationship...

And their human rights record (extrodinary rendition, guantanemo)....

Fink i'll sit this one out

WRT the special relationship, I suspect we get more from them then the other way round, probably involving defence and security, so understandably, our governments keep quiet about it.
The US Marine Corps, Julia Roberts, Calvin & Hobbes, New Jersey clam chowder and the Balls Creek Machine-Gun Shoot, all very clearly assets.

Baseball caps, chewing gum, Hormel foods, Bill Gates and the last President, all very clearly liabilities.

But they've been better mates to us than any other country for the past hundred years, and I have more American friends than any other non-British nationality.

All the best,

Asset, there is nobody else with skirts voluminous enough for most of Europe and much of Asia to hide behind.

The poor mugs get the illusion of imperial greatness and are spending themselves into penury while we slash our defense spending build up our nice comfy social systems and blame them for most of the worlds ills.

Though if only we could finesse that special relationship like the Israelis, get all the benefits without having to offer shag all in return and have the sporting pleasure of humiliating a pompous, vacillating VP every now and then.
Of course they are (or were) an asset. Apart from both World Wars, there was also the Reagan/Thatcher years which was of great benefit to both us and the US of A. It is on rocky ground at the mo because Obama is not on song with it. It just proves how beneficial it was when it existed fully, unlike now.
(For those who will hark on about the Falklands, lots of support was given by the USA behind the scenes it was just that the Americans couldn't be too open about it, after all, S America is on their doorstep, so to speak.)
Schleswig-Holstein said:
Again - how about the option for "a bit of both"
True, I think the relationship has its upsides and its downsides, so could be considered a bit of a curates egg, GOOD IN PARTS! :? :?
smartascarrots said:
Little of Column A, little of Column B.

Our biggest liability is our own inability to steer an independent course.
This. We are our own worst enemy.

Being best mates with the hardest kid in the playground is a good thing.

Being the hardest kids in the playground's, to use a yank term 'buttmonkey' is not in our interests.

A powerful British Armed Forces able to work with America and NATO allies as a first preference but with the ability to work alone if need be is the only sane defence policy.

We shouldn't be afraid to tell them where to go either. I dont care about South America being in there backyard or not, you back us on the Falklands or you can fcuk off.

People seem to forgot that there a number of significant American bases on British territory, not only the mainland but Diego Garcia and Ascension as well. We DO have things to offer them.
I would have said the US were an asset, until the Bush/Blair days.

Now I'm not so sure as the partnership was anything but equal and we got absolutely nothing out of it whatsoever, except being led into disaster after disaster. Our hard-earned good name for fair play and decency has now been tarnished for a generation, if not more by that guttersnipe, Blair.

How I hate that man.....

I have high hopes for Obama to do good things, but he doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in us at all, which is a shame as I believe he is a man we can do business with.

Therefore I believe our immediate future very much belongs with Europe at the moment where we should be playing a key role, if only they would stop sitting on the fence all the time and start playing ball.

Black Buck One - Out

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