United States Navy Hawkeye Crashes in Arabian Sea

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by tangosix, Mar 31, 2010.

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  1. Remember this headline in The Times?

    Lovely new aircraft carrier, sir, but we’re fighting in the desert
    Ike's 90-odd aircraft have been supporting ground forces in Afghanistan since she relieved Nimitz in January (link) and this is her first reported casualty of the tour. Here's hoping they find the fourth crew member alive and well.
  2. I al;ways have been amazed that these things can launch/recover from a carrier. I hope the missing pilot/NFO is recovered alive and well.
  3. I was lucky enough to spend some time on the Eisenhower on an exercise during which I flew sorties in both the E-2C and ES-3A.

    The Hawkeye actually launches and recovers with roof escape hatches removed in case it ditches. Egress is also very difficult from the mission crew area when wearing a parachute and dinghy pack as a low and narrow walkway between avionics racks (offering lots of opportunities for snagging kit) has to be negotiated in a stooped, waddling manner before the door can be reached.

    A good mate of mine also did an exchange on the E-2C and he never relished the prospect of an in flight or even ground egress.

    Thankfully this one didn't have a full crew but I just hope they find the fourth crew member. At least the sea temperature shouldn't be too low.

  4. Video of Hawkeye carrier launch available here. The props are spinning faster that they appear. :)

    I'll leave MM to tell us whether it's an E2C or newer glass-cockpit E2D.

  5. Can't view the video where I am. However the pic is of an E-2C 2000. 8)