United States Marine Corps

Thanks Tomahawk. Interesting comment from the USMC captain on the military music site, wishing that each Marine battalion had its own Pipe Band. Only thing wrong is he implied that military Pipers & Drummers were merely ceremonial troops like Bandsmen. I hasten to point out that Pipers and Drummers in Scottish regiments are first and foremost infantrymen (they form the machine gun platoon).
I too like the bagpipe and wish the US military would embrace it. As far as I know the bagpipe has not been part of US military tradition like it was in Canada, Australia and India for example so maybe thats why. But its something I would like to change and if the piper has a primary MOS of 11B
then it would be an easier sell. As a kid I bought an album of the Black Watch Band and enjoyed the music greatly.
Sorry gents, while I like the concept of a pipe band, I can't stand bagpipes. I'd sooner spend a weekend alone with BB/Doris discussing the finer points of British SF. :D
Sorry for jumping thread - but I didn't want to start a new thread considering this topic.

I recall someone posting a link that lists the USMC dead/injured (not neccesarily in the MultiNational) sometime in the last couple months - I would be grateful if someone could do so again.
More to the point, why the fcuk do they have Tartan?

Surely Tartan is a throwback to British Imperialism? Sure, you may have had some French help with a few Jock and English turncoats that could see the value in buying big chunks of land in order to sell it to Donald Trump, but don't you think it's time to get your own identities instead of continuing to steal ours?

Look, we all know that you yearn to cling to a bit of history (seen as you don't really have any of your own), but stealing dress designs is a very "este lauder" concept.

Just accept that you are spams and adopt your own true spam national dress code of a brown shirt, a small apron and a big "golden arch" above your heads.

Before you knock me down, absorb this. I am English, proven back for 8 generations, yet I have Ginge hair. There are only 2 places on this big planet where the Ginge gene can come from, that every ginge can trace their routes back to and that is Scotland and Wales (the Irish were immigrants from both of these), they were the true "Celts"

So, I am at least 9th generation Celt and STILL live in the Isles that you profess to belong to.

As an elder Celt, I have this message.

Go and fcuk off. My ginger dog is more "scotch irish" (a great American saying coming from ScotIreland) than you are and he wants his kilt and drums back.
Aunty Stella, glad to see you join in, only a month and a half behind the rest of us. I guess some things never change when you are a gwar mong.

I agree with you that we need to establish our own idenity and quit looking to the past. Why would I want to claim to be from a two-bit, third world nation of lap dogs?

Now run along like a good shaved ape and quit giving us a hard time. If you don't, I'll phone Blair and lodge a complaint and demand compensation.

The really funny part is, I'd probably get it.

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