United States Marine Corps Marathon 2004


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Many thanks to those on ARRSE who have been kind enough to sponsor me, and particular thanks to Plastic yank and Letter Writing Man - take a bow guys!

FWIW: 4hrs 29 mins - a tad slower than Oprah Winfrey in 1994 ! 8O

Tough race, the first I've done where I've had any physical issues going into it. My GP gave me all-clear to run , he just didn't remind me how bad I'fd feel at the end! Route change meant a climb to the highest point on the course within the first 3 miles,which was.....interesting.

By mile 6 which is Rock Creek park I was doubtful of running to the Half stage. Decided I'd run that far and then walk the rest if I had to. When I got to Mile 13, for the first time in my life I took a 200mg Ibuprofen and figured I'd try and keep running to the 16 Mile point. Got there and thought I had a bit left so kept going to the 19 Mile. Stopped - rather than grabbed and ran on - to take on water ( temperature on the day 75F) and boy, is it ever tough to hobble into a run after that.

Proud to have been still running at the short ramp up onto the 14th street bridge - then into a creaky walk to the other side( DAMN big freeway bridge).

The last mile is up a gentle hill back into Arlington National Cemetery. You can't make out the finish line till you're past that big Iwo Jima Marine statue. Crowds of people either side shouting < You're awesome! Dig deep Goatman ! > - no way you're going to walk that last bit. Lot of gritted teeth on display that day.

Received the 21/2 inch steel medal from a spick and span young Marine Lt(jg) and he got the RN salute right back. I got through the baggage reclaim and sat down. Asked the young guy next to me to take a pic - I'll send it on, you can see what a wreck looks like !

The best British place was Royal Marine Mark Croasdale ( a previous race winner) who trotted home in 8th place,breathing easily in 2:32.

Good race report at http://www.runwashington.com/news/nov04MCM.html

Tomahawk - perhaps you could relay this ?

Big thanks to Rick Nealis the race director, the indefatigable Angela Huff at Race HQ and all the people who took the time out to be on the course and offer encouragement - especially the ones in Crystal City offering BEER !

Le Chevre - still on all fours....
Well done Goatman. I did the London marathon a few years ago, when I was a bit erm..younger. So I know what you went through / are going through - only takes about 6 weeks to fully recover.

Again good effort


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