United States Marine Corps Marathon - 2004


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......takes place in Washington DC, October 31 2004.

see www.marinemarathon.com for additional detail.

We're going. ( 165th Penal Battalion [1], Really Large Corps)

I did this race in the << tragically slow>> time of 4:13 in 2002. Well-organised, well supported fast-ish, flat-ish course. 29th year of operation.

That year there were 14,000 finishers, of whom there were 8,624 blokes, the rest being other denominations. There were around 700 Brits in the race. The RN and (naturally) the Real...sorry...Royal Marines sent a strong contingent, as they do every year. Only mass contingent I noticed were from Plymouth running club called the Tamar Trotters (qv)

To my knowledge there was no official British Army Team entry.

To dispel any illusions, the winner last year got round in 2:27.
First Brit home was RM Cpl Mark Croasdale in 2:30 something,placed (IIRC) 5th. He won it in 2001.

If any ARRSE readers are bored with the Fleet Half and Manchester and will be attending this event plse contact me via PM, to swap lies about funding, accomm etc. We might even generate a few post-race beers.....(no, not a Bud thanks...)

<< Bougez, les Rosbifs!>> :wink:

Le Chevre

[1] Op Telic motto: ' Slaves In Uniform'

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