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Having recently applied for a job as a UN Investigator, I was wondering if anyone out there had any more info than was available on their website. It's a P3 role within ICTR.
Investigator, P-3

Under the general supervision of the OIC, Investigations Division, Kigali, the incumbent performs the following duties:- 1.Involvement in the collection of information, intelligence and data that would contribute to the successful location and arrest of fugitives. 2.Provide trial support to trial teams and appeals team. Assist trial teams by analyzing relevant witness statements and other documents and advise trial team members. 3.Travel to various parts of the country and abroad with investigators to undertake actual interviews, record statements from witnesses and open new lines of investigations or cause the arrest of wanted persons. 4.Undertake investigations at the direction of the Chief of Investigations, the Team Leader or under the general supervision of assigned Trial Team or Appeals Team. 5.Be responsible for the professional planning and conduct of investigations assigned to him or her. 6.Assign work to the team of investigators. Evaluate performance relative to position description where applicable. 7.Be responsible for operating within the scope of Standard Operating Procedures of the Office of the Prosecutor and the applicable law (s). 8.Coordinate, as necessary with local non-governmental organizations, government and other agencies for the conduct of investigations, to solicit information, including information on sexual assaults for the purposes of trial preparation, trial support and appeals support. 9.Record victim and witness statements on all facts, ensure the proper chain of custody of evidence, obtain complete statements and deposit the originals with the Evidence Unit. 10.Take responsibility for the physical deposit and safe-keeping of all evidence and statements. 11.Liaise with legal advisers, analysts and other team leaders. 12.Review, for accuracy, evidence briefs prepared by a trial team. 13.Ensure, in dealing with witness statements and Source debriefings that the actions taken do not compromise the safety of the witnesses, informants or sources. 14.Follow-up on additional inquiries from prosecution and trial teams related to sexual assault crimes. Prepare mission orders and reports for each field mission. 15.Portray good skills in the coordination of activities of an Investigations team during field missions and most particularly in the arrest of fugitives.

Knowledge and techniques of contacting, recruiting and managing sources.Knowledge of criminal investigation techniques and procedures and experience in preparing witnesses and evidence for judicial proceedings. Ability to adapt to changing circumstances and conditions during the course of an investigation and an ability to modify procedures and methodologies accordingly. Ability to think clearly and logically and analyze complex and obscure data from a myriad of sources. Perfect knowledge and practice in the use of internal guidelines on the management, and protective measures of confidential sources. Communication: Good written and oral skills including the ability to edit a variety of written reports, studies and other communication and articulate ideas in a clear and concise manner. Ability to express ideas and formulate questions in a clear and unambiguous manner. Planning and organizing: The ability to establish priorities, plan and develop clear goals that are consistent with agreed strategies relating to the functions of the post and to conduct work in an environment of conflicting priorities and within limited time frames. Creativity: The ability to identify problems affecting the execution of the duties of the Office and to provide innovative solutions. Teamwork: Maintain good harmony and team spirit within the Investigations Team that may be placed under his or her supervision or with which he or she may be called up to operate. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively with staff at all levels, in a multicultural environment. Judgment/Decision-making: Ability to utilize independent judgment in decision-making, taking into account the impact of these decisions on investigation team’s ability to meet the objectives. Leadership: Sound professional investigative and administrative abilities to produce high quality work from staff and teams working under his/her supervision. Building Trust: Ability to obtain the trust, confidence and ultimately, cooperation of others.


University Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice or relevant academic qualifications or equivalent training and a diploma in criminal investigations from a recognized public police academy with work experience in criminal investigations.

Work Experience
A minimum of 7 years of progressively responsible experience in criminal investigations at the national or international level. Demonstrated experience of working at a supervisory level and/or substantial participation in complex, long-term criminal investigations, especially of violent crimes is a requirement. Experience in preparing witnesses and evidence for judicial proceedings as well as experience in recruitment, management of sources and in tracking of wanted fugitives is also a requirement.

English and French are the working languages of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). For the post advertised, fluency in oral and written English or French and a good working knowledge of the other language is required.

Other Skills
Good research, analytical and problem solving skills, computer literacy and proficiency in the use of software applications relevant to criminal investigations. Knowledge of criminal investigation techniques and procedure is highly desirable.

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