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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Kromeriz, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Of course it might mean loosing the Paras and the SAS, but then Booties have always been able to do those things better anyway, haven't they? And of course the Booties know how to swim if the Helo goes down... :thumright:

    Awaits for Third Shock Arrse Army to arrive.
  2. Do you mean "Let Loose the Paras!" Or are you just a dimwit?
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  3. WTF are you chodding on about
  4. Good, very good..:)
  5. Sacked??? How can they class someone who is being made redundent as being "sacked"?
  6. I was talking to the OP not you *pokes back in chest with steely gaze*
  7. Can you read?
  8. No, we are from internetshire and hence come across many different languages. Most are decipherable but we have the very rare occassions that even the boffins of google translate get flumoxed!!!!

    Guess which category your dribble comes in
  9. Read the article then
    Make the mental leap to a higher form of erudition
    This is the NAAFI
  10. Please Czech your use of the English language before you post any more shite here.

    In English, the word you seek to use is corpS, not corp.

    And 'outrage' is one word, not two.

    Thank you.

  11. Funny thing is though, the fattest serving regular I have ever met was a Marine

    But he was a "prop" apparently, so that was alright, well that was what mumbled into his mayo lashed chips in the EFI. He also had a poor sense of humour, so another stereotype trashed I'm afraid.

  12. What what? So they all aint dashing chaps with bodies of adonis' and a sense of humour to rival a tent full of clowns in a tickling contest?
  13. Funnily enough, the fattest (and by and large the most unfit) blokes on the contract I work on are ex-marine - 2 of them in particular are huge, one of which was a recent Corp RSM!
  14. Understatement of the Year Competition

    And the winner is . . .

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