Unite: plot to control Labour

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. They call you Trigger right?
  2. The old Militant Tendency never died and was not buried.
    Extreme views exist and will never die within the Labour Old Guard who are that Left that Joe Stalin would have problems with them.
    Class warfare is their way of life all because someone was born better off then them and their families had inherited.
  3. Trotsky ate my hamster!
  4. Right Bar Steward weren't he.
    Now't like a good positive post is there ?
  5. What a load of complete utter tosh. It's the Daily Mail. Watch out, there's a red under every bed.
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  6. I remember from the dim and distant past, when dinosaurs roamed this green and pleasant land, this being in the news. Something was said about "He who pays the piper etc....". Unions have always had a large say in the running of the Labour party, and as long as they keep paying, always will.
  7. At the end of the day Unite is not shelling out cash to the Labour party and selected MPs just because they think they are nice chaps, they are investing in them with an expectation of a return for their future plans. Yes they want political power through the back door, and at 25% of total funding I suspect they get listened too most if not all of the time. Withdrawl of Unite support would make the labour party bankrupt, unless they secured other funding.
  8. 'CBI plot to control the Conservatives' . Not exactly the stuff of Daily Mail outrage, though.

    Political parties will always respond to the wishes of the people who pay their bills. I can't think of any other reason these groups would keep picking up the tab. It's not as if anyone would enjoy the company.
  9. I think the real difference is that no other party has such a large proportion of it's funding controlled by a single organisation. 25% really does give control, especially when you have no finacial reserves to cover the loss of such a funding stream.
  10. The alternative is State funding of political parties via taxation.

    Little as it appeals, the cost would not be so vast, and it might be worth paying for, in order to avoid having politicians disporting themselves before a motley assortment of vested interests, in the hope of getting a couple of million tucked into their suspender belts. Someone will buy their loyalty, it might be better if that someone was the British people rather than Ecclestone, Mittal, Unison, etc.
  11. A true ideal however the legislation would be written by the same people who created the woolly rules for MP’s expenses and a definition of “ Primary Residence “ by the House of Lords which requires staying in the property one day a month . Financial experts would be over any legislation to determine loopholes within days of any legislation being passed

    It is damning to me that the Political Party currently running the Economy of this country and not capable of organising its own finances should turn to Public Funding but regrettably I think Public Funding will be on the Labour Party agenda if they are re elected . It is the way for them to start and sever this rapidly redeveloping Trade Union dependency .
  12. It is obviously easier to wield power through the control of an elected government, rather than to face the polls as an individual organisation.

    Rather clever actually and wholly Stalinist and totally undemocratic.

    PS: Yes, I do believe that there are 'reds under all New Labour beds'!
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    So what we actually saying is that nothing has changed except the Unions are now taking the time again to tell the world they are funding and (ergo by proxy) running the Labour Party.

    Why is anyone surprised?
  14. I'm sure a return to the militant socialist Labour of old would signal a marked downfall in Labour support.

    Blair wooed the middle classes with charisma & New Labour (essentially Tory Lite); no way they'd support old Labour