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Dear All,

I have been tasked with updating our unofficial unit web site - can anyone point me towards some good examples?

I will post our URL when I have completed round one of the updates, as it is currently a bit out of date.

I've yet to see a really good one MSR. You could look at some of the Aussie or German examples...

Mind you, I'm a big fan of the Offical Eurofighter site, some very very good stuff in there, and definitely where I'll take my lead from as regards our unit site.

The official Army sites front end is pretty gripping....

What sort of unit are you?
MSR - drop Army recruiting a line/call or speak to their online agency - Screenactive (www.screenactive.co.uk).  They should be able to provide you with the official colours, templates etc that you might need.

One of my last jobs was to pull together various proposals on how independant units could easily update their sites and yet retain an element of "Brand" association with the main TA site, so you might see a pack arriving sometime later this year (if they have any budget left!!!)

The new TA site will be being launched sometime in the next month - will be much better than the old one if i do say so myself ;D ;D ;D

If you would like to get a few docs about good practice for web design etc drop me a pm and will chuck them over to you.  

Would happily give you what i can, but nothing official / MOD as my job was cut so that people could go build sandcastles somewhere warm!
PtP - many thanks, always nice to hear praise for one of my efforts - though you would never believe the pain that I had to go through to get them to buy into it.

Can I still get a copy of the "First Contact" CD, which I think was put together by Orchard communications?
Managed to blag a boxload off N*** Mi**** when he was the Army PR bod in the Mystery, bloody good little presentation, should be a broadband download somewhere.

..and yes, I did intend to plagarise errrrr pay homage to the Official site, and the BAE Eurofighter one. Sorry, can't be arrsed to sit down and design one from scratch, especially at my rates  ;D
Believe you can.  You would either have to contact Recruiting group and ask for the Officer I/c TA recruiting or contact COI - Central Office of Info (or incompetance depending on your outlook!)

If you PM me I will try and dig out their names and email addresses from me filofax for you
Cheers Fella...  ;D

Wonder what the stipulation is on having it (oe part thereof) available as a direct download from an official site?
bandwidth + hosting costs might prohibit it being there + download time.  Some of the servers the sites are on are old and very very creaky.  

Also there are "Pam 21 secruity restrictions on certain elements" (quote from DinfoA)!!!! And heres me thinking PAM 21 was for range safety!

There will be a new CD rom out at the same time as the web site is relaunched - this should be pretty good - lots of video footage and montages of people trying to kill gurkhas!  Haven't seen it though did do the planning for it.
Cheers Adler  ;D
The Package has arrived.........

It is winter in Moscow....    lololol

Cheers M8  ;D
It was m8, must be all those Firemen moonlighting as Posties getting their overtime in before Strike 2  ;D

Thanks very much, if you want it back, I can rip a copy make a legal back up and let you have the disk by return

Many thanks again Chap

.....Yes and soon it will be Spring . The Robin has a red breast


could have a look at www.tasignals.co.uk but then the MOD have told us "unofficial sites are not allowed close it down, read the DCI"

So we read the DCI and it says unofficial sites are OK so long as they don't look like the official ones as that would cause confusion. So better not get the official colours etc

Of course being a joined up organisation the same day we got bollocked by MOD, the Bde told us they loved the site  ;D
DCI is out of date.  :mad: :mad: :mad:

DInfo A can only advise..... :p

for the latest state of play with unit sites contact the officer I/C TA recruiting/marketing at Upavon, as he is the man responsible for formulating the web strategies for the TA etc, after sign off from all senior parties.

There have been discussions afoot about supplying units with web sites a simple template + a palate of colours for them to use.  The closer your site is to the main ones the better - this stops brand dilution :mad:and keeps the message consistent.
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