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we're currently trying to ensure all of our DCI 1 appointments are filled, but don't have (& to my knowledge have never had) one of the above. Now I think from reading Pam 21 that you end up with a "C" qual, but can anyone give me a rundown on the course contents, pre-requisites etc.

Many thanks :)
Stab-bloke as I understand it DCI 1 should have been well in circulation by now, I was informed that they were having problems getting it out and we are still waiting for ours to come through. Apparently you can access it on the army portal website ?????, where I exactly I don't know. Hope thats of use.
Cheers, I'll try that or if push comes to shove, I suppose I'll just ring them up - just wanted to see if anyone had done the course recently to get some info. Thanks anyway.
I did the cse in 2001.

Consists of a 4-5 qual, A Qual.
It also covers organising wpn trg programmes within a unit.

Was a good cse and i enjoyed it, I think they only do 1 or 2 cse's a year though!
is it now covered by the new Inf WO CLM phase 2?
Don't rightly know - I don't however fit the WO bit and the moniker probably indicates as to why I'm fishing for info here as opposed to the Trg Major et al. Ta V. much!

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