Unit Training Officer


I have been given the task of putting together a Job Description/Terms of Reference for the post of Unit Training Officer - and I have hit a brick wall :x Does anyone have a generic (unclassified) example that I can have :?:
A good starting point might be to write down on a piece of paper what you think a UTO might be required to do. Then the next step is... oh no, wait, that's it.


You could do the following;

1. Go back to whoever set you the task and ask them what output and desired effect they have from this post in terms of recruit, military, trade, individual and collective training.

2. Check out AFM Vol 1 Part 7, Training for Operations. There is bound to be something in there.

3. Call a mate in another unit, copy their Trg Offr TORs and pass it off as your own.

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