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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lepus, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. Guys, im after printing some unit T-Shirts for my ACF detachment, and noticed that in the TA Recruiting section on ARRSEpedia there was a mention of printing T-Shirts to aid recruiting in colours other than green so they don't get worn on excersise.

    Does anyone have any firms that are good?

    A few choices would be nice,

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I've done it loads of times and use Hargreaves, bit pricey but they do a good job.

    Unfortunatly you will need a decent size order to make them cost effective
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Soldier magazine carries a huge range of companies. Otherwise, just google for your town and t-shirts.

  4. Hi mate

    On our Telic Tours we used Ensign Motifs our contact was Chris Feany (Chris@ensignmotifs.co.uk) worked out about £5 to £7 per T Shirt depending on what you go for and how complicated you make it.

    As stated there are loads in Soldier Mag though


    Without question I have used them four times now and everytime it has proved successful, no hassle, quick delivery and quality items.

  6. I've used ensign as well for non tour stuff, they are quite good as well
  7. tour t shirts in back of soldier magazine are very good at it
  8. Thanks guys, really useful.
  9. also try tees total (teestotal.co.uk) we have used them for all types of t shirts and rugby tops in my battalion

  10. We have also used Tees Total. Beware though, that on their own brand green t-shirts, the neck elastic goes quite quickly. I ask for the named brand t-shirts now.
  11. Had tour tees done for Telic 6.
    Lizard Military were excellent, everything done by email, cost was approx £5 per T shirt.
    no embroidery set up fees and no minimum order. Can produce tees, poloshirts, rugby tops etc :)
  12. Joint Services Clothing in Leeds are really good. I ordered a t-shirt & it came next day. I wanted a capbadge & some custom embroidery & they sent me a proof e-mail to approve it & as I say it came next day. It's a good quality cotton shirt too. I'll definitely be going back.

    They do olive, rifle green (dark / bottle green?), Commando green, maroon, blue & black.

    Contact Andrew Hall on 01937 845 485 or e-mail info@jointservicesclothing.com

    He's ex 29 Cdo RA & is a nice guy
  13. http://www.banana-moon-clothing.co.uk/

    Brilliant service. Reasonably priced and best of all they do a free embroidery proof but the have also big stock design. They do a wide range of colours and you can mix orders and all. Highly recommend them.
  14. banana moon

    very good service. no set up fees unless order is under 20 garments. very happy with the product.