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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Hantslad, Apr 3, 2010.

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  1. Anyone got any recommendations as to which company provides the best quality and best value?
  2. I used Banana Moon for our unit Tour T-Shirts, really helpful, good quality shirts and decent turn around, hope that helps :rmp:
  3. Same here. They were very helpful, I am not the most artistic person in teh world but they did wonders with the attempts I had made and the end-product was superb. Great customer service and 100% recommended.

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  4. how much a t shirt are banana moon?
  5. banan moon?

    Awful Googlin' skillz.
  6. I've used Teestotal a few times, you can normally square away some decent discounts.
  7. Thanks, Banana Moon seems to be the best for me. Cheers
  8. Initially thought BM were very good however they neglected to print the back of some T-Shirts we ordered. Considering we spent over £800 with them the ‘customer service‘ we received trying to get the problem resolved was shocking. I wont be using them again.
  9. Soda what did you end up paying per t shirt with print (how many colours etc)
  10. I use a company called 'workwearhouse', reasonable quality, only £35 +vat for set up of logo (vs 50+vat from BM)