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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Marcoextrastrongpolo, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Guys,
    If i wanted to buy some O/U type guns for the Unit to use out of CPF, what forms will Guns'R'Us need to see for me to walk off with them?

    Does the PRI hold a shotgun certificate etc? Will the Armoury need to see any forms before they take them in?


  2. The guns unless owned by the crown will have to be held on private shotgun Certificate.

    The normal form is to get permission from the CO to hold privately owned Firearms in the Armoury although finances are coming from the PRI and these guns should be held on their account they will be technically privately owned.

    A copy of the Shotgun Certificate the guns are held on should be kept in the Armoury. A list of people authorised to draw the guns should also be held in the armoury. All people on the list must have a valid Shotgun Certificate. Unless drawn by the holder of the certificate the guns should not be out of the armoury for more than 72hrs.
  3. Drop msr a pm, I know he was looking in to this recently - but be quick, he's off on a Med Man soon.

    If you don't get him in time, let me know and I can give you some more Int.
  4. Thanks guys (PM Rxd Lefty Thank You)

    How does one get the Gunsmith to release the guns to the Crown instead of someones personal Certificate then DD?
  5. Suggest you talk to the ARA - a recent conversation I had with the SO1 suggests they would wish at least oversight of your plans.
  6. 21 sigs in bath have unit shot guns try them!
  7. Think a little also about how you're going to procure and store the ammo for it/them. Only a shotgun cert holder can purchase the stuff, and although technically you're not required to store shotgun shells in a firearms safe it would be wise to find somewhere secure in the unit to keep them (eg old ammo box with padlock hasp welded on) and keys kept with suitably trusted person(s).

    Your armourer probably won't be keen on you keeping the shells in the armoury...

    And once you've found the shotgun cert holder for the ammo he/she might as well buy the shotguns for you - at least to get the process started.
  8. A peculiarity of firearms law in GB is that you don't actually need a shotgun certificate to buy shotgun cartridges in a gunshop.
  9. Wrong, you may posess or acquire shotgun cartridges without having a certificate. However you must have one to PURCHASE cartridges. The certificate doesn't have to be yours, you don't even need to be a SGC holder but you do need someones certificate and written approval from the certificate holder.

    British gun laws, clear as mud.