unit specific kit - where from?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by wireless_barf, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi all

    probably a daft question but i never did find this out -

    all the 'unit specific' type kit, ie anything like cap badges, stable belts, etc etc and all that stuff thet gets flogged to hangers on at big regimental parades (usually from an ancient dormobile caravan) like ties and ashtrays, all the souvenier stuff -

    where does it bloody come from? im guessing somewhere in the darkest annals of the army stores some blokes job is to store all this stuff. And with any luck, has a big box full of odds and sods left over from disbanded units and the like

    if anyone can tell me who organises and stores this stuff, and how to get hold of 'em i'd be most pleased


    Eyes down for a full house...
  2. From your unit?

  3. Not exactly easy with a unit that was disbanded several years ago,

    the units must get the stuff from somewhere...
  4. Sorry, I then went on to read your other thread. Didn't mean to be so useless. :wink:

    I see the problem. Does your old unit have a museum or similar? Perhaps the new unit will have taken over this role?

  5. Read the ads on soldier magazine and/or visit lots of car boot / army surplus places. If you really want an item you can probably order it thru someone like Silvermans or anoth surplus place with a good name.
  6. Hi, no worries,

    no, unfortunately KOYY(LI) didnt last long enough to warrent a museum (barely fill a mantlepiece), and i dont hink the new unit took much from it.

    anyways, the miserable gits wont reply to letters, theres no email and i havent time to visit the HQ
  7. Well try soldier mag
  8. Dont know but I would love to get some 1 Wessex Regt and 78 Engr Regt bits, brilliant units.

  9. Thanks but dead Regt's now and there are no Admin offices.