Unit Reunions - is there a need to ad on ARRSE?

Not often do I have a thought - today is my lucky day I guess...

Enough dribble - but is there any milage in opening up a thread giving details of Unit Reunions - they are advertised in Soldier Mag - sometimes - but perhaps hitting the wider audience on ARRSE might be useful and reunite lost contacts... (oops! not allowed to use that word on the net)

Is that another thread - Lost contacts - and before I hear you say "Forces Reunited" etc already exist then perhaps links to thier sites may be useful (if they are not there already - haven't looked yet)

I am loosing today... so that's all folks!

I quite agree with this sentiment. No matter when someone was stationed at a particular unit, they should be included as it adds that little bit of "swinging the lantern".


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