Discussion in 'RLC' started by batfink, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. It is apparent that far too much swinging is occuring within the RLC to this end to assist with voluntary redundancies the RLC manning and records desk is currently busting WO2's to Corporals on there first offence.
    Due to the shortage of Captains within the Corps multiple offences of the same type are permitted ( as long as you lie and deny everything )
    for further information contact ** ****.
    :? :?

    Edited to remove unit details. W
  2. Further to the punishment, to rub salt into the festering wound you then get posted to the "END OF THE WORLD" in NI. We know who you are and our sympathy is with you. :cry:
  3. Ditto.

    Was trawlling through some of the older forums when I came across this one.

    Officers tend to have the 'can't do none wrong about them'. Bit like having "firework" parties, not using the right length of safety fuze and pulling party popper strings. All of these incidents resulted in some one getting injured and what was done? SFA. The example setting should start at the top.
    Hopefully your experience and ability will restore you to a more appropriate level.
  4. Hope to see you back in the Mess soon, Batfink.