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Boys and Girls, I was chatting on Arrse with a mate on the subject of sub-unit mottos. Now, as RLC TA, we only had the motto of our parent Corps, so I was wondering which units have an official motto which is different from their parent Regiment / Corps?

I know some Sigs and Arty Yeomanry wear shoulder-titles and different stable-belts, but wondered about mottos. I'd like to offer a prize for the one I judge to be the best, but as I am a) very biased, and b) very tight, I'm not going to.

Thanks, in anticipation of some serious replies ;-)
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Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) (Disbanded in 1995): 'Nulli Secundus in Orientie' ie 'Second to None in the Orient'. When it was first formed the Honk Kong Volunteer Defence Force had 'Though I change my Skies I change not my Loyalties' I like that.

London Scottish: 'Strike Sure'.

The US 2nd Infantry Div had the Moto 'US 2nd Infantry Div - 2nd to None' above its gate in Southern Germany in the 70's. My father's REME workshop had to set up a det just down the road during one of the big NATO exercises. Some wit fixed up a sign saying: '12 Armd Fd Wksp REME - NONE'
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stabtastic said:
TA individual reinforcements on Telic: 'first in, last out'.
very original :wink:
CaptainPlume said:
"Pro Aris et Focis" ("For the altars and hearths").

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Let's not forget the rousing cry of 'Death to the Turk!' as well
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