Unit manning shortfalls

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Anonymoose, Aug 20, 2005.

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  1. Has any unit managed to deploy to the big hot sandy place with its full complement of personnel?

    To put it into perspective, look at the 3/4 Regt situation as an example. 4 Regt gets warned for operations and looks at the manning, realises that that they only have 65% of manpower it needs. Not a problem, borrow 30% from 3 Regt and get remaining 5% from TA and other specialist units. Jobs a good one sorted.

    3 Regt then gets warned for ops 12 months down the line, they too are in a similar predicament as 4 Regt so borrow 30% from 4 Regt and 5% from...... and so it goes on. Some of the lads get nearly a full 6 months between tours. Last time i was out there, one unfortunate individual was posted to the workshops that were just arriving in theatre, were they getting sent back to their rear party? Were they f***, they had to stay on for the rest of the tour while spouse and kids had to move to germany and await his extended return!

    How much longer can this situation go on?