Unit Intelligence Officer (TA)

Does anybody know whether such a course exists, or whether it is possible for a TA officer to get a slot on the regular course?

Indeed do TA Battalions have an integral S2 capability?



Your TA unit should have access to the DIN listing all Service courses.

It is unlikely that you would be put on a Regular Course, and I would have thought unlikely for you to deploy in the role of IO (assuming that you are Inf or Cav TA).

We don't call it 'S2' (An Americanism) - its G2 or J2.

Thanks for the info. If TA INF and CAV battalions/regiments don't deploy with a G2 officer, who fulfills this role for them? Specialist Intelligence Corps personnel?

Sorry about the use of foreign terminology.



You may find that the Joint Services/Staff (Can't remember to be honest) Intelligence Course is a good course to get on if you're not Int Corp but are undertaking a G/A/N/J2 role. When I did it, it was 2 weeks in duration but was a very busy two weeks and they were considering expanding it to 3 weeks. Matelots do it prior to doing the 4 week RN Intel course.

When I did it, there were a couple of TA and RNR officers on it. Majority of course attendees were commissioned (15 Matelots/Pongos of varying capbadges )though with only 4 plebs (3 RN Petty Officers including myself and 1 Colour Sgt RM) on it. A very very good course in my opinion.

And if you can't get on the course, just try and wing it on a daily basis-it worked for me until I could get a place on the course :D
JSIC is the standard RNR N2 course now - but our N2 cell does things slightly differently to a normal TA unit as its IR's going to an HQ rather than a formed up cell of RNR types.

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