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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by tuffy52, Nov 14, 2011.

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  1. Found this old photo of a relative,however nobody seems to know where it was taken (although it appears to be the Far East),also no information is known about his unit,can someone identify please......

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  2. And here I thought it was the 1940 Norway expedition....
  3. Is it that lot of 'Its Aint Half Hot Mum' ?
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is it possible the badges have been censored. In which case there is very little chance of working out what unit they are in.

    The berets do not look blue black. Commandos? Which could explain the Naval looking belt of the chap in the rear rank in a beret. Pure speculation though.
  5. They were a tougher breed back then...
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  6. They look like mixed cap-badges; tri-service admin in some sort of FOB? Not many clues to go on. As BuggerAll says, the bloke at the back seems to be wearing a naval pussers' belt with the knife pocket.
  7. Reaking of homoeroticism, especially the chap at the back, with the Beret, I think the one without hat (back row) is his bitch.
  8. Isnt the guy kneeing down on the right a dead wringer for the chef dude in Apocalypse now? Looks like a naval/RAMC badge he's got as well guy on the left looks like A&SH? capbadge?
  9. Honestly, is beastliness all you can think of? I come from gentler times when as a lad I'd rocket off on my tandem with Wrigglesworth, and we'd just ride and ride. And at night, we'd find some barn, and fall asleep with the perfumes of nature sighing on our skin.
  10. Most of them are in this shot as well....

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  11. Two blokes at the front are wearing raf berets.
  12. The one front left (our left) does.

    He's got a moustache, which kind of rules out a naval badge.
    Their badges are different to each other, and neither look like the RAF beret badge. Brettarider's view seems much closer.
  13. Village People, the Early Years.
  14. In WW2 berets were only worn by the RAC, Commandos, Airborne and SAS. Other regiments wore a khaki beret-ish piece of headgear called the General Service Cap, which was more like a Tam'o'Shanter than a beret. The ones pictured are definitely berets, not GS Caps.

    Given the apparently mixed cap badges, I'd guess Army Commandos from 2 Cdo Bde.
  15. Does anyone know why Windsor Davies is wearing a green beret with a bomb cap badge.

    Croft/Perry series used do get the technical stuff correct. For example, Dad's Army was particularly good. (Yes I know that they had to use Bino cases due to a shortage of the real Home Guard pouches.)