Unit Fire Officers Course

Has anyone ever chased up the civilian transferal of this Qual?
If not does anyone know the civvy contact for the place?
About to apply for a job in the council fire safety sector and they want evidence of the qualification.
Have a look at 2009DIN07-028

Seems like there is no civvie accreditation but there is a contact telephone number so give Sally a call just to check.

She might be able to give you the course training plan or something to keep your employer happy. :cry:
Bein a bit dim this bank hol. u wanted a civvie number so here it is

01843 823351 ext 6297 for Mrs sally Hancocks

Course is now at RAF Manston in Kent and is tri-service :)
Given that everything the Defence Fire Service does seems to mirror local fire brigades in order to match NVQs and IPDS,i would like to think that
A, it does,
b,someone at manston will know.
I'm sure that the unit fire nco course used to be linked in someway to the fire extingusher trade body for servicing.
Manston will be open again in the morning just goggle it for the number.

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