Discussion in 'RAC' started by YANTOFULPELT, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. Why are the QDG the only formed recce regiment to deploy to Telic again?Are they really that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Are they really that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In a word no.
    Its called unit rotation, and only one recce regiment goes with each Bde. HCR are just coming back, and LD are lined up for TELIC 6
  3. But weren't they the only formed Recce Unit on Telic 1???
  4. They can count themselves lucky if this is the first time they've been back since then.

    A number of units have already come back from their second tours there!
  5. Nope D sqn HCR, formed the spear head for 16 air assault, only 105 guys, and i believe it was the most decorated unit on op telic.
  6. I dont really want to get invovled in the inter regiment banter etc here but there a few points i would like to raise ref QDG AND Telic deployments .
    Are they that good ? Better ask 3 commando brigade , C sqn deployed with the Marines on Telic 1 and were heavily involved in the action on the AL FAW , ABU AL KASIB , AND BASRA . Also on Telic 5 which they have just returned from B sqn deployed with the Blackwatch B.G. to camp Dogwood , Having survived suicide vbied, 3x155mm daisy chain ied , and numourous mortar / rocket attacks .The QDG returned to Germany without a single casualty . Are they good ? well make your own choice . We know we are good , as are the Light Dragoons another fine FR regiment . One more point i would like to add is that QDG only deployed on Telic 1 because another FR Regiment failed its 'OP EVAL' at BATUS
  7. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    Which one?
  8. 9th/12th. Who else?
  9. Wasn't serving with them at the time, but know people who were. I think you'll find they were a little busy elsewhere - OPFOR in BATUS and a Sqn in Bos I think.

    I'm sure if they had failed OPEVAL, heads would have rolled and even I would have heard!

    They made it on Telic 3 and are off again soon.
  10. 9th/12th lancers did fail there op eval that is why
  11. QDG on Telic 1:

    1 Sqn detached to 7 Armd Bde, 1 Sqn (C) detached to 3 Cdo Bde & the rest ended up guarding prisoners in Um Qasr. Eventually released to do inf work around Shaibah.
  12. Q, Why do you all Bitch on at each other about how GREAT your mob is/was? We are all CAVALRY! or what's left after "Tony the back stabbing bastard" has had another chop.
    All the Cav, no mater what badge you have on your noggin are at Full Tilt,Cut some Slack Boys.
  13. Blind Pew you do have a little point there , The thing is the slagging we all do is what we call ''BANTER'' we all have mates in different regiments buddies from course's etc and we all do it to each other , so why not do it here on ARRSE. The thing is QDG are by far the finest FR regiment in the British army and when we were on tanks 6 years ago we were by far the best at that as well . Get the idea ? So dont worry too much about the '' slagging on the RAC bit , at least we are not REMFS .
  14. Recce-Cpl.
    Very true about the REMFS bit, but you are talking out your ASS if you think the "Queens" are any better than LD!
    Yes i can recal what "Banter" is all about even though i am getting old!
    I have been Surfing the BB and understand very little of the code you are useing, i got out in 85!
  15. No worries Blind Pew ,i had you down as HCR . LD's are a good bunch i have to admit but come on i'm not going to say they are better than QDG am i ? Any way QDG have had all the recent high profile warfighting recce jobs , must be because everybody else is so good at it and the QDG need the practise . Cheers recce