Unit Arrvals Letter

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by thelazybiker, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Does anybody have an Arrivals letter i can use as a template For a JNCO to sent to his new OC. Any help would be greatly received. Thank You
  2. Set up as per with your address and their address and date.

    Your address (no personalisation) goes top right, tab across as needed.
    ther address (inc personalisation) goes lower left.
    date goes on same tab/start point as your address. leave 3 spaces to hand write date, but type month and year.

    leave 3 lines for you to write in Sir/Ma'am.

    para 1.

    I have the honour to inform you I am posted to [insert posting] as per [insert ref to posting order and date].

    para 2.

    Who are you, where are you now, what do you do there.

    para 3.

    any good stuff about you. ie skipper of the footy club

    para 4.

    where you want to go

    para 5.

    wife/kids etc.

    Yours faithfully (don't bother with that 'obeident servant' pish)

    five lines blank for signature.

    surname, initials.

    Make sure you phone your next unit and get the EXACT details of who you are writing to, including any post nominals.

    bang one to your SSM too, written for him.
  3. You might find adding the 'your obedient servant' pish at the end is more appropriate mate.

    See the section in the 'army staff handbook' regarding formal letters.

    First impressions and all that jazz
  4. You mean JSP 101?
  5. Its been taken out of JSP 101, probably because it is the sensible place for it to be.