unisex loos. antibullying brilliance or wnaking haven?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by theoriginalphantom, Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. I've checked the date of this web page and it looks genuine and wasn't started on the 1st of april

    from the bbc
    unisex crappers

    I'm not convinced that blurred glass walls prevent bullying. How long after unisex loos are installed with the first sexual harassment case be brought. Who is going to go into a unisex loo to perform 'subtle supervision'?
    Can you imagine the accusations against teachers who go into the loo and have to deal with members of the opposite sex?

    Surely unisex toilets will allow bullies access to members of the opposite sex to intimidate
  2. bearing in mind the calibre of some students,ie knife-toting,drug-dealing,teacher-bashing etc...sounds like a recipe for school lunchtime surprise sex to me!
    Added to that a large increase in the numbers of constipated kids who 'can't go when someones watching'!

    edited to stop Trev picking on me :(
  3. I work abroad a lot as a shop fitter, and recently came across unisex loos in Norway...

    bowled into the bogs to find a queue of birds waiting in front of me, very off putting seeing as I had to deposit the previous nights extortionate booze and fast food combo.... its wasn't pretty...

    Later in the job I had succumbed despite heavily self lubing, to the dreaded ailment "shopfitters ring" which manifests itself in the form of nasty nasty chafing, either of the arrse cheeks, or ball sac, or the dreaded "full house" which leaves the victim walking like they sat on a nest of fire ants wearing jam underpants...

    So, I grabbed my daysac, full of all the shopfitting essentials, paper, fags, comfy bum, Sudacream, etc... and hobbled off to the bogs to reapply a thick layer of anti chafing soothy cream...

    Just at the point where I'd dropped my keks, pulled my widgy up out of the way, and dipped four fingers in the sudocream pot to apply, some old doris opened the fucking door I'd forgotten to lock, thus exposing me to half a dozen stunned Norwegian women who were greeted with the tableau of me, looking like i was mid wank, and about to plug my own arrse with heavily lubed fingers...

    Not a good day at the office. :D
  4. Is that when you sit on your hand before wnaking? :D
  5. why w8nk when there'll be an endless supply of first year boys to annoy! Bring back school fagging,i hear the cry go up!!!
  6. oh i don't know Shorts...i'm getting off on the thought of it :twisted:
  7. Did they not even offer you a hand?
  8. This has to be a joke...
  9. It was no fucking joke being exposed from the waist down holding my cock in one hand and a large dollop of sticky white cream in the other I can assure you....

    Thinking back in hindsight I should of flicked the cream in the old bags fizzog, before screaming "BUKKAAAAAAAKKKEEEEE" in a high pitched pseudo japanese fashion before spinning around to part my cheeks and show the assorted onlookers my very own personal japanese flag...
  10. I've been to Norway my friend... the women there are rather adventurous so I'm wondering if you happened to have been intruded upon by a group of English visitors.

  11. not the right phrase about a man in the crapper with his trousers round his ankles.... and if it is the right phrase I don't want to hear any further details!
  12. Hmm... could be a cross-pond translation error... "intruded upon" here in the states means someone barging in unannounced and catching you by surprise.
  13. I rest my case.....
  14. Be great sniffing the seat just after some tasty bint has been in there. Have to be careful though don't want some 6ft brick shithouse seeing you.
  15. Happy days! :D