Unisex bogs in a school

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. Having recently been in to a new build school, I noticed that the toilets were 'semi-mixed'. ie the sinks were unisex, but the toilets themselves were seperated, oddly glass doors to enter, but the lads had no urinals just 'sit downs' in floor to ceiling cubicles (obviously with wooden doors)... I'll assume the girls side had a similar arrangment.

    Not bad, thought I. And I suppose it cuts down on the need for 'adults' and 'children' bogs, on the grounds that when you mould clay or syphon the python, you are in your own little turdis. Although I don't know if when the kdis are in the toilets are segregated that way.

    This schools goes one further with.... unisex bogs. So is there a problem?

    You're asking for trouble: Parents' anger after school builds unisex toilets for its pupils | Mail Online

    I don't really see a problem, in fact it may well cut down on bullying (girls bogs can be a have for teh bitchy insult) so thoughts?

    Would you feel uncomfortable in a unisex environment letting weapons grade farts go as you crimped off a length? Would women feel upset whilst doing their 'lady things'?
  2. It'll make sharing a smoke with your girlfriend easier.
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  3. Floor to ceiling cubicles seem a pretty clear invitation for shagging.
  4. .
    Don't think kids are that fussed are they? They'd still lob wet bog roll over the top no matter who was in there.
  5. Wouldn't have worked for me, I'd have spontaneously combusted in a shower of sperm, spot cream and cheesy wotsits.
  6. So not actually unisex then?
  7. After reading the article, I thinks she needs to rethink her business model. 1 fag for 3 shags, that is poor by anyone's standards.
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  8. Or photos with farm animals???
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  9. And without these loos the kids will not be shagging???
  10. As this isn't the NAAFI, a sensible comment.

    Because it seems that none of you have daughters or are female.

    It's a terrible idea. Every teenager girl gets it wrong from time to time during a period and floods her skirt. You need to do a clean up somehow, over the sink. This is hideously embarrassing, even in the comparatively synpathetic environment of all female bogs. It woul be beyond mortifying if boys were around.

    Of course "wimmin" see that as an advantage - menstruation should be celebrated and normalised, and should not be hidden from men.
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  11. Not sure about that, check the name of the school
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