Unique Medal - donated by ARRSE

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For the user who has everything......

...... the site is going to donate a one-off utterly unique medal that will sit alongside whatever existing medals your user has. The medal will also be constructed to your personal design and will never be repeated again. Once again all money will be going to the RBL poppy appeal.

So, want to do some one upmanship on those ARRSE Donation Cross holders or even Flash with his 'black' medal then this is your chance!
I wanted to bid, but I'm not as rich as Aunty (where do you get that kind of money) :cry:

I'll have to find something a little cheeper.
Oooooooooooooh Foxy, are you going to auction yourself?

Filbert Fox to do with as you please for 24 hours!

? :D

On second thoughts, MDN might bid for you and at that, the mind boggles... 8O :? :twisted:
Nice choice of medals there Aunty Stella - wear with pride!
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