UNIQUE Bushmills 12yr Malt ARRSE/Hols4H Labelled ends 21st


With the assistance of pondlife252 I have purchased a custom labelled bottle of Bushmills 12yr old Malt Whiskey

The Label bears the custom wording

"A Right ARRSE way to support Holidays4Heroes"

The outer container bears the same label. All money to Hols4H

Let bidding commence


£70 from my good self!
£75 :)
RogerOut! said:

Irish always tastes nicer :) (Stands by for incoming)
An Irish Bush is far better than a cheap Jock copy.

I was on the Royal Yacht Brittania in the Middle East xx years ago with a certain 'Greek' gentleman with a very important wife. There was an informal drinks do after the FCO fecked off and only service visitors left.

That Gentleman was drinking a Black Bush with Malvern Water sans ice.
This fine beverage still available folks!

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