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Unique Britsh requirements

Have heard this banded about a lot can anybody think of any in equipment terms that were actually valuable.
I can think of the Apache re-engine that was a happy accident because we never planned to fly them in the afgan mountains.
Wasn't Nimrod unique as it didn't give off a sonic signature that submarines could pick up on due to it being the only sub hunter with jet engines?


Book Reviewer
A BV is indeed essential. Not sure it's uniquely British though. How the deuce would a civilised nation make tea without one?
I heard all your tanks and vehicles have tea making facilities in them? ;P
Quite true, and the Panzers also have a mini-bar and fridge. But we also had instant cookers on the older recce vehicles like the Ferret - much faster than McDonalds or the Burger King - and we could have a full English breakfast cooked in less than 5 minutes, travelling at a steady 50 mph
There was a Septic General who was always astounded by the British Army's capacity for making hot water, he was a fan of a cuppa to his credit. He reckoned that American's were light years behind us in this area!
Wow, it this a BV thread? I once had a Sqn ldr who cross decked his crew and kit to another wagon because the BV was U/S.

Has anyone tried to make a brew with a MRE heater? it come out like slightly warmer piss, no wonder septics are so angry all the time, no brew kit indeed.

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