Unions Warn of Grave Concerns over Defence plans

Fair enough. Only trouble is that the letter should have been written in 1997 and addressed to Gordon Brown and the cabal of other Labour fuckwits.

I wonder if it would have been wriiten if Labour were still in power.

Do you think someone, somewhere in the MOD is having a hard-on thinking about buying "off the shelf equipment from the US"? Sounds like shopper's paradise.

And as for "grave concerns" I think the blood is draining from their faces about now...the gravy train has bombed.
There is no mention of concern about proposed cuts to HM Forces and I find it a bit strange that the unions can't see the link that smaller forces means there is a smaller requirement for ridiculously overpriced equipment delivered years after it was needed. WTF do we need a defence industry employing gazillions of people if we aren't going to maintain our forces at the current level?

If the unions want to pay people to manufacture nothing then the unions can pay them.
Yeah look at the TUC Conference on TV, if you can stay awake long enouth, and see the scum of the earth churning out their views on how much they despise this country and wish to cripple it. These vermin talk about the "poor" on their 6 figure salaries and matching pensions.
I find it amusing they didn't find it so important in the last 13 years to register their concern at the oaf Brown's repeated thieving from the defence budget

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