Unions vote to strike 30th November

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Nov 3, 2011.

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  1. Huge strike on 30th Nov,Who will win?....
  2. Oh well, I'll have to cross the picket line like last time and then get sent home as everyone who was too gutless has rung in sick rather than cross.
  3. OK Lemmings , it is over the cliff we go !!! The Unions want to go back to the old days when they could order the government around ,
    the public services sector will still be getting a far better deal in their pensions than other people / Get real . people are living longer and
    these large pensions can no longer be afforded.
    I notice the Union bosses make no mention of all the other benefits , for instance what other job offers sickness benefit like the health service
    Six months on full pay followed by six months on half pay , plus the large gratuities when the staff retire .
  4. I will not be striking...but only because I already have the day off by prior arrangement (it is my mother's 69th birthday and I will be visiting her). Otherwise, I would most definitely be withdrawing my labour that day, much as I did on 30th June. The bottom line remains unchanged as far as I am concerned - I will be asked to pay in significantly more in order to receive significantly less; that is, quite simply, not fair, especially as I cannot recall asingle Member of Parliament voting to do the same to their pensions. H_M out.
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  5. Public sector pensions already had changes made a few years ago to make them affordable but it's odd that they were affordable before until Labour spent too much money.
  6. That's a shame, I won't be able drive past the picket line 'tooting' my horn shouting "hope you all lose your jobs, you work shy *****".

    Then again it will be one of the most efficient days for the public sector since the last strike.
  7. Perhaps you should have look around before spouting off about "not fair".
    Gordon Brown stole large chunks of everybody else's pensions to pay for the bloating of the public sector. People and companies who thought they were running at a surplus were suddenly going to get less for more, was that fair?

    There's not much fair about, but there may be some justice in public sector workers discovering the consequences of the Blair/Brown client state.
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  8. Leadership is what is needed here. The Gobment could embarrass the Unions dramatically by showing some and voluntarily cutting Politicians pension and related benefits by a significant amount (which there is plenty of scope to do).
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  9. With only a 29% turnout, the Goverment will. New law's will soon be in the pipeline saying at least 45%+ will have to vote. Before they can go on strike

  10. Only 28% voted and out of them 22% voted for strike action,the Leader says it is a decisive vote and fully valid even though less than 50% voted at all...
  11. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    You have to admire the unions' thinking.

    Greece is blowing up because of a bloated public sector as we watch and the UK unions are voting to strike to preserve...

    {Roll of drums}

    ... a bloated public sector.

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  12. Yeah it's to do with the majority of voters...
  13. No, not really there have already been lots of redundancies from front line services, this is about protecting the rights of who is left.
  14. Well I'm not going out, not that I am a member of a Union; the spineless management will probably send us all home for 'elf 'n safety reasons: double win
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