Union jacks on c95 documents

About a year (maybe) there was a discussion on should cadets and adults have the union flag on there c95. I posted the 2 pages that showed it was not allowed under the changes to dress regulations caused by the issue of the chinese made c95.

Is there a link to the post or does anyone have still :( a copy of that they could send back to me.

This is not to start a discussion on wright or wrongs of flags and other badges, just a fiant hope to rerive the 2 pages. I hope. :D
Thanks not quite the lkink I had hoped for, tried that and no luck, then agin its what you ask it, guess i asked wrong question
Sorry, I was too lazy to search for it myself! That's about the best hope you have for resurecting a thread, unless you know where it is...
Found it, should be wearing union flag since 14th december 04, land directive. Now all I need is somone who recived it from me by email to have kept it.
from a crab perspective, common sense has now prevailed in the air cadets in that now if any members of the air cadet organisation get issued with part worn servicable (or obtain new if lucky) cs95 with the Union Emblum attached, they now no longer have to remove it.
this is to prevent possible damage due to remaval. this is the offical line now from hqac which appeared recently in hqac orders.

besides, we are British & I for one am rather proud of that fact!
many cadets have been wearing chinese made DPM Jackets and 95 shirts with them already sewn on,Adults are getting them soon and like somebody said, who cares, on the other hand pride in your flag should be encouraged.

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