Union Jack Stickers?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Adjutant, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help me out? I'm at an overseas Staff College in a major European capital. I'm after a couple of the issue UJ stickers that go on vehicles/nirexes/thermal mugs. Someone must have a couple buckshee?

    Next, does anyone know who supplies MoD with the issue (matt) fablon? Need some of that, too. The host country have no concept of what it is - or the local civvies. When it does rain here, its mainly on the flat bits. (That help with the locstat?)

    Most grateful for any advice,

    The Adj
  2. Harry,

    Many thanks! I'm a big fan of eBay - but I was hoping (perhaps foolishly) that there were plenty of RQs and QMs with stores full of the stuff, more than willing to part with some of it in return for free accomodation...

    Perhaps I'm just too optimisitic...

    G1 Guru
  3. Hey, don't worry, some will turn up tomorrow. It's an attitude you ought to get used to where you are. :wink:
  4. They have , but stores are for storing.......... You dont get issued Union Jack stickers until you can see the whites of the fuzzy wuzzy's eyes, as for fablon it's not issued to officers as they have a habit of producing 3D maps.......... :oops:

    Good luck, try the seniors board, poke your free digs at "European Capital" I thought they were the enemy?

  5. Cork? Is that a freudian slip?